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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Alayna's Papa (picture heavy)

Because it was Father’s Day 2 days ago, I thought I would write a little token of appreciation for my husband who truly is one of the most amazing dads out there.

Throughout this 4 and a half years of raising Alayna, apart from giving birth and feeding her milk (Alayna was fully breastfed for 2 years and 8 months), he has been 100% hands-on since day 1. I could go out peacefully for some me time while knowing that Alayna will be bathed, fed, entertained and put to nap. The truth is, Nadri is so good with her that she sometimes prefers him over me. Sometimes. Most of the time she says mommy is the best hehe.

On weekends, most of the time I don’t even have to lift a finger. He would take her out for breakfast (giving me an extra hour in bed), give her a shower and then play Barbies with her rofl. 

When we’re out, he’s the one who would take her to the toilet if she wants to wash her hands/pee/poop. The same goes to when we’re on holiday. How else could I still find the time to put on falsies and curl my hair and wear 5-inch heels?

Now before you judge me, let me clarify that there are 2 reasons why he does all these things;

1)  He knows how tiring it is to take care of a child.

When Alayna was still a newborn, one time I let him handle her for a whole day by himself (even though I was home) so that he knew exactly what I had to go through every single day when he’s at work. I only took her when she wanted milk. He got the message loud and clear. He knew that it’s not just simply feeding and changing diapers. There is a lot of emotional, mental and/or physical distress involved in making a baby/toddler/kids of any age comfortable and happy. And since he can’t help me on weekdays, he takes over during weekends.

2)  He enjoys it.

He really does. He would voluntarily do all those things, not because I tell him to. Which is what some people think. I remember how a relative, who shall not be named, implied that I’m a bad wife for letting Nadri bathe her while I watched a makeup tutorial on YouTube. That’s one of the sad things about our culture isn’t it? But I shall not go into that for now. Sometimes, I even get jealous of the amount of attention that Alayna gets. It has led to several arguments that involved me asking him whether he loves me/Alayna more, which is crazy because there is no right answer for that question haha.

So thank you Sayang for showing me that parenting is teamwork and that I'm not in this alone. I am forever grateful. Happy Father's Day to all fathers out there as well!

Here is a compilation of pictures of you and Alayna from Day 1 :)



  1. Happy father's day Nadri! Tia you so lucky to have a very helpful husband. You fully bf Alayna for 2 years 8 months? Wow. Mind sharing any tips to maintain/increase milk supply ? Do you consume anything ?

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