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Friday, October 16, 2015


A few days ago as we were lying in bed Nadri asked me if I wanted to watch a movie upstairs before going to sleep. I said no thanks because I was too tired.

Him: Why are you so tired?

Me: I just finished my work out.

Him: Is it really THAT tiring?

I felt so offended when he said that so I challenged him, “Why don’t YOU try it yourself?”

He looked at me to see if I was joking and said, “Sayang, please, I was a national athlete okay. I used to live in the gym.”

(He was a national bowler back in the day)

Me: Oh yeah? Well let’s see you do the 2 minute plank.

Alayna was already sleeping so we didn't want to switch on the lights. 
And please excuse the laundry #lifewithoutamaid

10 seconds on and he could still smile.

Then his knees started shaking.


He then attempted to do the side plank.

"Macam lagi senang je ni."


He rolled over and just laid there, panting.

Me: Sayang, you can’t be done already? There are 7 more workouts to do!

Him: Whatever. I was a national athlete. 


  1. Bahahhahahahhaha!!! I can see his expression!

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