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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Shit Happens (Pun Intended)

This is our first Ramadhan since moving into our own place. 

Any difference?

Not really, because just like every year, we buka puasa at my mom's and moksu's. They live next door to each other, and only 3 minutes away from our home. After berbuka, I would then pack some of the food for sahur. So basically, I haven't even been into my kitchen since the first day of puasa haha (not that I always cook on normal days anyway, we haven't even changed the gas since we moved in last November!).

The deal is for moksu to cook and for us to prepare desserts and drinks, which explains why I've been baking a lot recently.

Started off with a basic butter cake with Cadbury base, recipe from Namee Roslan's blog. So simple, so delish!

Then I made toffee tiramisu in a bowl.

Before drizzling coffee on the lady fingers.

Mascarpone cheese with a dash of chocolate syrup.

Daim pieces.

Dusted with some cocoa powder.

Repeated the layers and dusted lots of cocoa powder for the top layer.

More daim pieces. And then chilled for a few hours, even better if overnight.

I also made chocolate hazelnut and strawberry cream pie. No baking required, and the easiest to make.

Digestive base and fresh strawberries.

Topped with cream that has been whipped with some sugar.

Colorful sprinkles, because Alayna insisted.

For the chocolate pie, I used Oreo for base, and the same whipped cream for the strawberry pie, except that this one's added with cocoa powder and nutella. Sooooo good on it's own, it tasted like chocolate nutella mousse. More nutella and daim pieces for topping.

Alayna kept saying "Oh my god it's so colour colourful I love it!". Yup, she says colour colourful haha.

Yesterday I made my favourite of all, tres leches cake with mango puree and mango whipped cream. 

Tres leches cake is a sponge/butter cake (using more eggs that usually required) that is soaked with 3 different types of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk and heavy cream. 

Poke the cake all over with a fork and pour the 3 milk mixture over it. As you can see, there are no puddles whatsoever because everything is absorbed by the cake, which is why tres leches cakes are moist and dense and omfg amazing.

Spread a thin layer of chilled mango puree over the soaked and chilled cake.

Add the same mango puree to some freshly whipped cream.

Spread it over the mango puree.

Repeat the layers, and garnish with thinly slices mangoes.

Voila. Perfection.

Only managed to bring back one slice home.

But honestly though, not everything I make turn out ok. For example the other day I made pandan cupcakes with gula melaka filling and gula melaka frosting.

Baked the cupcakes for too long, causing it to crack.

And then I learned that I suck at frosting cupcakes. In the end my sister and I decided to go with the left one because it was the least ugly between all three.

But after frosting all the cupcakes that way and putting them all together we realised that they now looked like you-know-what.

So we drizzled it with gula melaka syrup in an attempt to make it not look like you-know-what.

But it only made it worse.

My cousin called this 'The Turd Cupcake" -_____________-

Oh well, you win some you lose some. Remember the trifle disaster?


  1. how did you do the choc pie. it looks sturdy. can u detail out the recipe?

  2. sedapnya tia...
    how i wish i pandai wat desserts mcm ni....

  3. sedapnya tengok.. mampu beli saja, nak buat tak sempat,, hehehe