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Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I am having a major withdrawal syndrome at the moment. Today is the first working day after a longgg  break. Nadri, Alayna and I just came back from New York last week but right after that my sister got married so I didn't really have time to digest the fact that I am not in NYC anymore. Well, I am digesting now.

Which explains why I am in my PJs, on my bed, refusing to budge when I have about a gazillions things to do. I am just not in the mood. All I wanna do is close my eyes and imagine that I am walking to Magnolia's for their awesome banana pudding.

So I thought, why not do something that I love to take my mind off 5th avenue? Something that I can do right here in my bed. Something that I have missed doing for a long time.


I can't believe I haven't written in ages. 2014 has been a crazy year for me, more on that in another post. Now I think I wanna talk about something kinda major that happened recently: Our maid got caught red handed stealing. 

I posted this picture of some of the things that she stole and quite a number of people were curious as to how we found out so I thought I'd tell you guys about how it really went down.

I think about a year or so ago, I started noticing that my clothes kept going missing. Like I would stumble upon old pictures of myself wearing something and I'm like, "Hey, I haven't seen that dress in ages!" and when I tried to look for it I couldn't find it.

It happened quite a number of times but I never really gave it any thoughts because my wardrobe is literally overflowing with clothes (I even have clothes in huge bags in the store because I just don't have enough space in my room) so I figured they just had to be lying somewhere.

After a while though, it got really frustrating when I couldn't even find my new clothes that I had just worn. I mean, it makes sense if my old stuffs get stuck somewhere at the back of the blackhole that is my wardrobe, but for something that I just wore a few days ago, surely it should be either in my wardrobe or the washer or in the pile of freshly washed clothes or mistakenly sent to my sister's room right? Where else would it be?

Apart from clothes, Nadri and I also noticed that sometimes we were short a hundred or two in our wallets. Still, I never really suspected anything because we don't really keep track of our spending so it would be unfair to start accusing people in the house for stealing our money. Plus it was our mistake anyway for leaving our wallets at the hall downstairs.

But then my pink Samsung note went missing recently. This time I could not just brush it off because I know FOR SURE that I had put it in the bedside table's drawer. I was not using it because it was broken. But I kept it anyway because I have thousands of pictures of Alayna (and my selfies bahaha) in there so I thought I would get it fixed one day. Suddenly it was gone just like that. At first I thought Alayna had taken it to play with it but no one had seen it or saw her with it. I searched everywhere in the house to no avail.

So I told my mom about my suspicions. My mom was skeptical. She thought I just had way too much stuffs and the solution was for me to have a major spring cleaning. Thanks mak -___-

A few weeks after that, my mom came to my room and asked my in a hushed voice;

"Did you give the maid some accessories and a Laura Mercier powder?"

"No. Why?"

"I found them in her room."

"WHAT!!! Which ones??"

Apparently she took this turquoise statement necklace that I had just bought (and forgotten about, didn't realise that it was even missing), a bejewelled headband (also didn't notice that was gone), and a Laura Mercier loose powder! She even took the one which has some sparkles in it (for that glowing effect, girls would get this).

My mom found them hidden in small boxes at the top of her cupboard.

Obviously I was pissed off, and I came to a conclusion she must have taken all of my missing clothes as well. I planned to raid her room when she was out with Alayna at the playground but I never got around to it because I was so busy with other stuffs.

A few days before raya, I was in my room packing because we were going back to Kuantan the next day. My sister came to my room and frantically knocked on my door. When I opened it she asked me to follow her. I asked her why and she said they found my phone in the maid's room. I shrieked and ran downstairs and found my mom and other sister already in there. Turns out the maid was sent to my aunty's house to spend the night there because she was going to ride with my aunty to Kuantan the next day, so my mom decided to look through her stuffs.

And sure enough, we found all my missing stuffs and SO MUCH MORE.

Under her bed was a HUGE black plastic bag full of my clothes. Her luggage and wardrobe were also bursting with my clothes. She took my dresses, pants, skirts, tops, my brand new Juicy Couture sweatsuit with tags still on, my WINTER COATS (seriously where would she wear it to?), LINGERIES (not bras or panties but literally sexy lingeries oh god I feel sick).

And she took all the good stuffs too, which made me think that she actually tried on my clothes before deciding which ones to take. Ickkk I feel like burning everything I have!

Not only that, we found my heels, a plastic bag full of my makeups and brushes, FALSE EYELASHES, an unopened Urban Decay's Naked Palette 2, THREE handphones (my samsung, a Blackberry and another Samsung phone), countless accessories, even my foreign currencies..

We literally found something in every nook and corner of her room. It was so chaotic because all of us gasped super dramatically every time we found something somewhere lol.

We were completely stunned. She took so much stuffs it was crazy!! And honestly speaking I didn't even realise that most of them were gone (okay so maybe my mom is right I DO have too much stuffs). She might have gotten away with it if she had stopped at some point but I guess she started a long time ago and saw that no one suspected anything so she got addicted and kept stealing.

We decided to put everything back where we found them and confront her after we come home from Kuantan.

The next week when we were all back, my mom came to my room to tell me that she could not find my phone in the maid's drawer anymore. My mom went into her room to make sure everything was there because we were planning to confront her that day. Since we definitely put the phone back in her drawer, we figured that she must have noticed that some of her things were moved so she hid the phone.

We waited until she was in the bathroom taking a shower, and then we went into her room and took out all of the stuffs that we found and laid them out. Everything was there except for my phone. When she entered the room, she was shocked to see us and my mom asked her straight away why did she take all of those things.

She tried to say that she had 'found' them lying around so she just took them. She said that her friend, who is our neighbour's maid, told her to just take stuffs that are lying around because they are unwanted. So I was like, "Oh, so were THESE lying around as well? Because I seem to remember perfectly that they were hanged in my wardrobe." while grabbing the clothes that she took one by one. And then, she had the audacity to lie when she pointed to one of my dresses and said,

"Oh, that is my friend's dress. She gave it to me."

"Really? Your friend has the EXACT same dress as me, in the EXACT same size? Did she buy it in London I did too? And out of ALL of my clothes that you stole, you expect me to believe that ONE of it is your friend's?"

She kept quiet.

Then she pretended like she was about to faint. But we didn't care because obviously she was faking it. We proceeded to ask her about the 3 phones that she took. A blackberry, a Samsung that looks like my brother's which went missing a long time ago, and my Samsung note. She admitted to taking the Blackberry, but she said the other Samsung was given to her buy her friend. She said that it was just a coincidence that it is exactly like my brother's. We opened the inbox and found old messages from my dad to my brother.

Seriously, how stupid is she?? 

Then she denied taking my phone. She said she had 'borrowed' it but she had returned it a while back.  So I said,

"How is it possible that you returned it a while back when we found it in your drawer just a few days before raya?"

She turned pale.

So I simply asked her where she put it because I wanted it back.

Her: Let me think about it, I forgot where I put it.

Me: Don't lie. I know you know. It was in the drawer before we went back to Kuantan and we just came back home yesterday so it's not possible that you forgot. 

Her: Just give me some time. I don't remember.

You see, the whole time I was talking to her very calmly because I felt bad for her. But when she kept lying to my face over and over like that, I lost my temper. So I screamed at her while tossing out everything on her bed and in her cupboard, trying to find the phone. Everything was wiped clean but there was no phone. Finally she got up and lifted the mattress on the bed. My phone was under the mattress. I snatched it from her and stormed out of the room.

She started wailing and hugged my mom, begging for forgiveness. I even took a video of it lol. We told her to pack her stuffs because we were going to send her back straightaway.

So now, we are maid-less, and we most probably won't hire a new one. My mom has been hiring a maid since I was 7 years old and we have always had some kind of drama with them. Some were rude, some were psychotic, some slept all day, one ran away from home while taking care of Alayna (luckily I was at home and she gave Alayna to me first before she quietly left), one got pregnant with an Indonesian contractor worker's baby (she already has a husband and kids back home, turns out she has been sneaking out late at night to go sleep at the guy's place), another one was so old my late grandmother had to massage her legs everyday -___-

The worst that I have heard, was what happened with my aunty's friend's maid. She had a bad feeling while at work so she went home. She found her infant daughter in the kitchen naked, smothered with salt and turmeric powder. The maid was heating up oil in a huge frying pan. Go figure.

Anybody wanna share their own weird/horrific experiences?


  1. Woah! Trying to fry a baby is next level shit 0_o

  2. Ya Allah...ur aunty's friend's maid is crazyyyyy!!!

  3. Astaghfirullah..what are they thinking?
    feel sorry for u Tia but somehow lega sebenarnya bila xde maid ni.
    less headache..kalau x pening nak melayan kerenah diaorg

  4. Hahahaha your story reminds me of my countless maids too.

    I remember this one bibik, stole my dad's cigarette as she's a smoker but cant afford to buy one, ended up stealing then smoked in my sister's room omg

    Then ada seorang tu, baru like kerja 5 hours then suddenly mengadu sakit and quit. Maybe because tak tahan pressure kerja kot pfft

    When counting, maids are giving such a chaotic and crazy problems kot haha

  5. beb..nowdays mmg maids are crazy...i had 3 maids before and i think i juz do fine without maids with 2 toddlers n 1 infants...even my house will be chaotic!
    And ur aunt's friend tu ksiannye die..omg!i cant imagine if she really fry the baby...

  6. crazy like hell maid nowadays! the last part was so $%#^@..!! Gosh.. luckily she went back home fast..

  7. Hi! Are you willing to sell off your gucci indy? i'm keen to buy it, please email me at thanks!!

  8. I find that I have much less trouble with part time maids. Maybe you want to try that?

  9. Your sister told me about this omg. Susah nak cari maids yang ok nowadays.

    My mom had trouble with maids when I was still a toddler. But when I was 5 or 6, ada jumpa bibik yang best sangat. And then she quit, tak ingat kenapa. After that, dapat bibik yang sekarang. She's with us for 13 years already �� Nasib baik takde drama sangat dengan dia. Awal2 dulu ada lah sikit sbb my mom is so cerewet and dia kuat nangis. So yeah lama2 dia makin reti buat kerja so ok lah haha.