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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Light Up

Honestly now is so not the right time to start blogging again. I have about a thousand things that I need to get done. The one that is giving me the most anxiety is our house renovation.

See the problem is I am VERY anal about how I want the house to be. Everything has to be the exact colour, even my drawer knobs are very specific to a point where I need to get them shipped from overseas. And I think that the contractor for my wardrobe is probably starting to get really annoyed with me because I keep asking him to make so many minor changes by sending him my amateur drawings of how I want the wardrobe should be.

It’s kinda funny because before this I thought that this was all going to be a piece of cake. But here’s the thing about getting your own house done: You start to pay attention to things that you could not even care less about before.

Like lightings.

I swear I never even noticed what kind of lightings my mom use for her house that I have been living in for 27 years. I mean who cares right? But when it comes to our house, Nadri and I spent two full weekends lights-hunting all over Selangor and KL.

And ever since then we have become this creepy couple who starts to observe people’s lightings when we visit their houses and have a long discussion about them when we get home.

Sigh I’m so stressed out. I just want everything to be done with and move in before Hari Raya!!

Anyways, wishing everyone a blessed Ramadhan J