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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I'm Back

Hello there!

My apologies (to those who asked) for neglecting this blog for quite a while. The simple truth is, I have been dealing with some personal issues as a result of my grandmother's passing. It is something that I do not talk about with a lot of people (well, only about 3 to be exact) and it is something that I might write about one day IF I am ready.

At one point I considered stopping writing altogether but then I started to miss writing so much I would even fall asleep writing a blog entry in my head. I also received a few emails from my readers (didn't know I had any left ever since I went AWOL) who said some really kind things and made me realise that my writing has actually helped them in one small way or another. And as Miranda Kerr once said "If I could help one girl, then I would have completed my purpose." 

So... Here I am. 

Will write more soon.