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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Indecisive Couple

This happened a while back, after Alayna had gone to bed, sometime around 8.30pm.

Him: So.. What are we having for dinner?

Me: Hmm... I'm craving for the lobster pasta at La Risata.

Him: Okay let's go.

(In the car)

Me: Wait, I changed my mind. Wanna go to KGB Bangsar?

Him: Don't feel like having burgers tonights. How about Chutney Mary?

Me: Butter chicken and naan.. Mmmmmm... *salivates* But NO! I had some cakes earlier today I can't afford to eat Indian food tonight. Too much calories.

Him: *rolls eyes*

Him: Oh I know! Let's go to Rasta. You have GOT to try this waffle which is so good I promise! I'll buy you TWO waffles.

Me: Ala, but Rasta is always so crowded.

Him: It won't be tonight because there's no football match.

Me: Liar. Rasta is always full.

Him: Trust me.

Me: Fine. If it's full then we'll go Penang Village.

Him: Okay deal.

(a few minutes later as we were driving somewhere near OU)

Me: Hey look we're so near to OU! Gyu-kaku pun macam best je. Jom?

Him: I cubit you kang. 

Me: Ok la fineeee.

(a few minutes after that)

Me: Mohd Chan?

Him: *pretended not to hear me*

Then we arrived at Rasta, which was so FULL that the only parking space available was somewhere along the roadside.

Me: Ha! I told you it would be full!

Him: We can just park here and walk.

Me: After this car got broken into here last time? No way. Let's go to Penang Village.

(A few minutes later, on the way to Penang Village)

Him: How about Publika?

Me: It's so far la. Look at the time now. 

Him: It's actually very near. (if he lied to me I wouldn't know because I have zero sense of direction)

Me: Hmm.. Okay! We can go to The Social! (Their Chicken Diane is tdf!)

We finally arrived at Publika.

Me: You know what, there's this restaurant that I have always wanted to try here. It's called Picknik. I heard the food is good. (Actually I heard the chef is good-looking but Nadri didn't have to know that hehe) (Ok sayang I know you're reading this, don't worry you paling handsome XXX)

Him: Okay let's go there.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was how both of us randomly ended up having dinner at Picknik at almost 10pm that night. 

Nasi Lemak

Fat Tuesday Chicken

The food was good, unfortunately Chef Nik was nowhere in sight pffft.


  1. with me and hubs, I usually do all the deciding and quarreling with myself haha. and this post makes me wanna go to picknik! hihi