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Friday, January 3, 2014

A Big Decision

As much as I love staying with my parents (free maid, free food hehe), I think it's time that we finally move into our own place. It's time to face the reality. I am 26 years old (27 in 5 days sigh), I have been married for almost 7 years and I have a CHILD. My mom is practically kicking me out of the house hahaha.

Fine, I'm gonna be honest.

Actually the main reason I want to move out is because I just cannot take being confined in one room anymore. It's bad enough that I have to share my wardrobe with Nadri (ok not really sharing, he only gets a tiny drawer and I get everything else) and have his ps3 and lazy chair taking up space,  now I have to make room for Alayna's stuffs as well. 

Our rooms perpetually looks like a shipwreck, and it's driving me crazy.

My mom keeps nagging me about how I am so disorganised and all, but you see, there's just NO ROOM for me to organise our stuffs, to a point where Alayna's baby cot has to be used as a place to store some of my bags.

Her conclusion is that I shop too much and the solution is for me to get rid of my stuffs.

No freaking way.

The real solution is, to get a place of our own.

After weeks of house-hunting around September/October last year, we finally agreed on a property that we both love. It's landed (I can never live in an apartment/condo, I have watched/heard too many ghost stories involving elevators), it has quite a sizeable land area (for family bbqs and who knows maybe a swimming pool in the future), it's less than 5 minutes away from my mom's place (free maid, free food hahahahahah) but most importantly, I can take one room and turn it into my walk-in-wardrobe! =D

Obviously this is a source of headache for me as I can't decide which design to go with. #itshardbeingagirl

InsyaAllah we will get the key to our house this month, and factoring in the renovations and all, we will probably move out some time in February or March. 

Can't wait!!!


  1. Yeayyyy~! Rindu Tia's blog!! hehe..
    Have fun packing and moving out! haha
    Anyway, I just got the chance to write about my weight loss journey..I ada letak your name and the link to your blog..I can't seem to tag u though..i don't know why..feel free to read nanti k?
    Tak sabar nak tunggu entry pasal your new house! hihihihihi

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