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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Moving Out

After over 7 years of marriage, 5 years of living with my parents (the first 2 years we were in Melbourne), and almost 3 years of becoming parents, we finally moved out into our own place!

*happy dance*

We have been delaying it for so many months (because this is not ready, that has not arrived), until I just could not take it anymore so I said to Nadri on a Wednesday about 3 weeks ago,

“Sayang, we are moving out latest on next next Sunday. Latest.”

After checking with our parents on their availability, we told the rest of the family to come over for a doa selamat on that date (I have watched way too many horror movies which revolve around families moving into a new house that there is no way I would move in without having a doa selamat first).

The days leading to our moving out date were hectic from packing and packing and more packing.

Literally a mountain of clothes. And that is not even half of them.

9 out of 20 bags of clothes.

While sorting out what to throw and what to keep, I found a number of things that made me smile and brought me back down memory lane, like this one:

I will always remember this phone. At the time all the celebrities like Paris Hilton (whom I USED to adore) were using the exact same model. I was soo obsessed with it. 

Now that I think about it, I kinda miss flip phones.. Imagine if you're pissed off at someone and you wanna hang up but instead of merely pushing the red button you get to slam the phone shut. So damn satisfying, no? 

Pictures from our engagement day in 2006!!

We have come a long way guys. Almost everyone in this picture has gotten married and some are now parents :')

One of the cards for our wedding presents. I think you guys meant 'conception' instead of births LOL. 

More clothes with tags still on. Didn't even know I had them.

Nadri found his old lecture notes from Melbourne Uni and got sentimental  -__-

This one was too busy pretending to be a princess to help  -____________-

 Junks to get rid off. I'm such a hoarder.

On that Sunday, we spent the whole afternoon shopping for some last minute things that we need for the house such as dustbins, a set of knives, doormats etc. After getting everything on the checklist, we headed home to my parents’ and moved my final belongings to the new house:

My bags.

Alhamdulillah the doa selamat went well. Showed my relatives around the house. In telekung XD

The next morning I woke up feeling so excited because I wanted to make French toast for breakfast.

But we had these instead:

We, um, forgot to get gas.

(well in my defence I thought it comes with the stove) 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I am having a major withdrawal syndrome at the moment. Today is the first working day after a longgg  break. Nadri, Alayna and I just came back from New York last week but right after that my sister got married so I didn't really have time to digest the fact that I am not in NYC anymore. Well, I am digesting now.

Which explains why I am in my PJs, on my bed, refusing to budge when I have about a gazillions things to do. I am just not in the mood. All I wanna do is close my eyes and imagine that I am walking to Magnolia's for their awesome banana pudding.

So I thought, why not do something that I love to take my mind off 5th avenue? Something that I can do right here in my bed. Something that I have missed doing for a long time.


I can't believe I haven't written in ages. 2014 has been a crazy year for me, more on that in another post. Now I think I wanna talk about something kinda major that happened recently: Our maid got caught red handed stealing. 

I posted this picture of some of the things that she stole and quite a number of people were curious as to how we found out so I thought I'd tell you guys about how it really went down.

I think about a year or so ago, I started noticing that my clothes kept going missing. Like I would stumble upon old pictures of myself wearing something and I'm like, "Hey, I haven't seen that dress in ages!" and when I tried to look for it I couldn't find it.

It happened quite a number of times but I never really gave it any thoughts because my wardrobe is literally overflowing with clothes (I even have clothes in huge bags in the store because I just don't have enough space in my room) so I figured they just had to be lying somewhere.

After a while though, it got really frustrating when I couldn't even find my new clothes that I had just worn. I mean, it makes sense if my old stuffs get stuck somewhere at the back of the blackhole that is my wardrobe, but for something that I just wore a few days ago, surely it should be either in my wardrobe or the washer or in the pile of freshly washed clothes or mistakenly sent to my sister's room right? Where else would it be?

Apart from clothes, Nadri and I also noticed that sometimes we were short a hundred or two in our wallets. Still, I never really suspected anything because we don't really keep track of our spending so it would be unfair to start accusing people in the house for stealing our money. Plus it was our mistake anyway for leaving our wallets at the hall downstairs.

But then my pink Samsung note went missing recently. This time I could not just brush it off because I know FOR SURE that I had put it in the bedside table's drawer. I was not using it because it was broken. But I kept it anyway because I have thousands of pictures of Alayna (and my selfies bahaha) in there so I thought I would get it fixed one day. Suddenly it was gone just like that. At first I thought Alayna had taken it to play with it but no one had seen it or saw her with it. I searched everywhere in the house to no avail.

So I told my mom about my suspicions. My mom was skeptical. She thought I just had way too much stuffs and the solution was for me to have a major spring cleaning. Thanks mak -___-

A few weeks after that, my mom came to my room and asked my in a hushed voice;

"Did you give the maid some accessories and a Laura Mercier powder?"

"No. Why?"

"I found them in her room."

"WHAT!!! Which ones??"

Apparently she took this turquoise statement necklace that I had just bought (and forgotten about, didn't realise that it was even missing), a bejewelled headband (also didn't notice that was gone), and a Laura Mercier loose powder! She even took the one which has some sparkles in it (for that glowing effect, girls would get this).

My mom found them hidden in small boxes at the top of her cupboard.

Obviously I was pissed off, and I came to a conclusion she must have taken all of my missing clothes as well. I planned to raid her room when she was out with Alayna at the playground but I never got around to it because I was so busy with other stuffs.

A few days before raya, I was in my room packing because we were going back to Kuantan the next day. My sister came to my room and frantically knocked on my door. When I opened it she asked me to follow her. I asked her why and she said they found my phone in the maid's room. I shrieked and ran downstairs and found my mom and other sister already in there. Turns out the maid was sent to my aunty's house to spend the night there because she was going to ride with my aunty to Kuantan the next day, so my mom decided to look through her stuffs.

And sure enough, we found all my missing stuffs and SO MUCH MORE.

Under her bed was a HUGE black plastic bag full of my clothes. Her luggage and wardrobe were also bursting with my clothes. She took my dresses, pants, skirts, tops, my brand new Juicy Couture sweatsuit with tags still on, my WINTER COATS (seriously where would she wear it to?), LINGERIES (not bras or panties but literally sexy lingeries oh god I feel sick).

And she took all the good stuffs too, which made me think that she actually tried on my clothes before deciding which ones to take. Ickkk I feel like burning everything I have!

Not only that, we found my heels, a plastic bag full of my makeups and brushes, FALSE EYELASHES, an unopened Urban Decay's Naked Palette 2, THREE handphones (my samsung, a Blackberry and another Samsung phone), countless accessories, even my foreign currencies..

We literally found something in every nook and corner of her room. It was so chaotic because all of us gasped super dramatically every time we found something somewhere lol.

We were completely stunned. She took so much stuffs it was crazy!! And honestly speaking I didn't even realise that most of them were gone (okay so maybe my mom is right I DO have too much stuffs). She might have gotten away with it if she had stopped at some point but I guess she started a long time ago and saw that no one suspected anything so she got addicted and kept stealing.

We decided to put everything back where we found them and confront her after we come home from Kuantan.

The next week when we were all back, my mom came to my room to tell me that she could not find my phone in the maid's drawer anymore. My mom went into her room to make sure everything was there because we were planning to confront her that day. Since we definitely put the phone back in her drawer, we figured that she must have noticed that some of her things were moved so she hid the phone.

We waited until she was in the bathroom taking a shower, and then we went into her room and took out all of the stuffs that we found and laid them out. Everything was there except for my phone. When she entered the room, she was shocked to see us and my mom asked her straight away why did she take all of those things.

She tried to say that she had 'found' them lying around so she just took them. She said that her friend, who is our neighbour's maid, told her to just take stuffs that are lying around because they are unwanted. So I was like, "Oh, so were THESE lying around as well? Because I seem to remember perfectly that they were hanged in my wardrobe." while grabbing the clothes that she took one by one. And then, she had the audacity to lie when she pointed to one of my dresses and said,

"Oh, that is my friend's dress. She gave it to me."

"Really? Your friend has the EXACT same dress as me, in the EXACT same size? Did she buy it in London I did too? And out of ALL of my clothes that you stole, you expect me to believe that ONE of it is your friend's?"

She kept quiet.

Then she pretended like she was about to faint. But we didn't care because obviously she was faking it. We proceeded to ask her about the 3 phones that she took. A blackberry, a Samsung that looks like my brother's which went missing a long time ago, and my Samsung note. She admitted to taking the Blackberry, but she said the other Samsung was given to her buy her friend. She said that it was just a coincidence that it is exactly like my brother's. We opened the inbox and found old messages from my dad to my brother.

Seriously, how stupid is she?? 

Then she denied taking my phone. She said she had 'borrowed' it but she had returned it a while back.  So I said,

"How is it possible that you returned it a while back when we found it in your drawer just a few days before raya?"

She turned pale.

So I simply asked her where she put it because I wanted it back.

Her: Let me think about it, I forgot where I put it.

Me: Don't lie. I know you know. It was in the drawer before we went back to Kuantan and we just came back home yesterday so it's not possible that you forgot. 

Her: Just give me some time. I don't remember.

You see, the whole time I was talking to her very calmly because I felt bad for her. But when she kept lying to my face over and over like that, I lost my temper. So I screamed at her while tossing out everything on her bed and in her cupboard, trying to find the phone. Everything was wiped clean but there was no phone. Finally she got up and lifted the mattress on the bed. My phone was under the mattress. I snatched it from her and stormed out of the room.

She started wailing and hugged my mom, begging for forgiveness. I even took a video of it lol. We told her to pack her stuffs because we were going to send her back straightaway.

So now, we are maid-less, and we most probably won't hire a new one. My mom has been hiring a maid since I was 7 years old and we have always had some kind of drama with them. Some were rude, some were psychotic, some slept all day, one ran away from home while taking care of Alayna (luckily I was at home and she gave Alayna to me first before she quietly left), one got pregnant with an Indonesian contractor worker's baby (she already has a husband and kids back home, turns out she has been sneaking out late at night to go sleep at the guy's place), another one was so old my late grandmother had to massage her legs everyday -___-

The worst that I have heard, was what happened with my aunty's friend's maid. She had a bad feeling while at work so she went home. She found her infant daughter in the kitchen naked, smothered with salt and turmeric powder. The maid was heating up oil in a huge frying pan. Go figure.

Anybody wanna share their own weird/horrific experiences?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Light Up

Honestly now is so not the right time to start blogging again. I have about a thousand things that I need to get done. The one that is giving me the most anxiety is our house renovation.

See the problem is I am VERY anal about how I want the house to be. Everything has to be the exact colour, even my drawer knobs are very specific to a point where I need to get them shipped from overseas. And I think that the contractor for my wardrobe is probably starting to get really annoyed with me because I keep asking him to make so many minor changes by sending him my amateur drawings of how I want the wardrobe should be.

It’s kinda funny because before this I thought that this was all going to be a piece of cake. But here’s the thing about getting your own house done: You start to pay attention to things that you could not even care less about before.

Like lightings.

I swear I never even noticed what kind of lightings my mom use for her house that I have been living in for 27 years. I mean who cares right? But when it comes to our house, Nadri and I spent two full weekends lights-hunting all over Selangor and KL.

And ever since then we have become this creepy couple who starts to observe people’s lightings when we visit their houses and have a long discussion about them when we get home.

Sigh I’m so stressed out. I just want everything to be done with and move in before Hari Raya!!

Anyways, wishing everyone a blessed Ramadhan J


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I'm Back

Hello there!

My apologies (to those who asked) for neglecting this blog for quite a while. The simple truth is, I have been dealing with some personal issues as a result of my grandmother's passing. It is something that I do not talk about with a lot of people (well, only about 3 to be exact) and it is something that I might write about one day IF I am ready.

At one point I considered stopping writing altogether but then I started to miss writing so much I would even fall asleep writing a blog entry in my head. I also received a few emails from my readers (didn't know I had any left ever since I went AWOL) who said some really kind things and made me realise that my writing has actually helped them in one small way or another. And as Miranda Kerr once said "If I could help one girl, then I would have completed my purpose." 

So... Here I am. 

Will write more soon.


Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Response to "23 Things To Do Instead of Getting Engaged When You're Under 23"

A few days ago a friend of mine shared an article on Facebook, titled:

"23 Things To Do Instead Of Getting Engaged When You're Under 23"

Obviously it grabbed my attention because, duh, I got married at 20. I was curious about what the article had to say, so I clicked on it.

You can read about it here.

I get what the author is trying to convey. And I agree when she said that you should not rush into marriage (especially if you're still young), you should go out there and discover yourself, find out what you want to do with your life etc.

I totally agree.

Sometimes people do rush into marriage or get married for the wrong reasons, the common one being peer-pressure (and also pressure from relatives) hence they settle with the guy that they happen to be with at the moment, perhaps fearing that they might not find someone better, which could lead to divorce if it turns out that that they are actually not ready for marriage. 

But what I don't agree with, is her highly judgmental and completely inaccurate generalisation about people who DO get married early:

"It is a way for young people to hide behind a significant other instead of dealing with life’s highs and lows on their own. It’s a safety blanket. It’s an admission that the world is just too big and scary to deal with it on your own; thus, you now have someone that is legally obligated to support you till one of you dies or files for divorce."

Are you freaking kidding me? HIDING behind a significant other? An ADMISSION that the world is too big and scary to deal with on your OWN? Wanting to have someone who is legally obligated to SUPPORT you?

What is all this bullshit? The claims that she made are so wrong on so many different levels. 

For someone who says that she has travelled the world and has more experience that her married peers, she sure sounds like someone who has been living under the rock.

People do NOT get married for those reasons, doesn't matter if they're 22 or 34 or 40. 

"I have begun to notice a common thread amongst all these young unions: inexperience.  Inexperience with dating, traveling, risks, higher education, career direction, SEX, solitude, religious exploration, etc… and it’s insane that I have already experienced more of the world in the last 22 years than my married peers will ever experience in their life."

Okay let's break it down here. She claims that young married couples have inexperience with:

True. If you get married early you would miss out on dating multiple men/women. But here's the thing, some people do NOT want to be a serial dater.  

Hmm let's see. I got married at 20, and by the time I was 23 I had traveled to Singapore, Indonesia, London, Rome, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, Paris, New York, Madinah, Makkah, Sydney, Canberra and I have also lived in Melbourne for 2 years. Wow you're so right. Settling down DOES mean that you won't get as much experience with traveling. 

Not a valid point. If you read my post here, you'll see that I have taken a lot of risks in my life and I think one of the reasons I got the courage is because my husband is very supportive of me.

Higher Education
After I tied the knot I graduated my diploma at UiTM with 3.96 CGPA and I pursued my bachelor's degree at The University of Melbourne, top 100 universities in the world, majoring in accounting and finance. What was that you were saying? Inexperience in higher education? I don't think so.

Career Direction
Again, I don't see how this point is valid. I was with one of the Big 4 accounting firms and now I am with the number 1 unit trust company. Rest assured, my career direction is very clear, and very rewarding.

I am a Muslim and I don't condone pre-marital sex so this point doesn't apply to me.

Oh I get plenty of alone time. Luckily Nadri & I agree that we need space to do our own thing. Being married does not mean that you are glued to each other 24/7.

Religious Exploration
Please, who says you can't do this after you're married?

She didn't direct the article to me of course, but I feel like I needed to say something because she's sending out the wrong message, which is that people who get married at a YOUNG age are missing out on all those things that are listed above and I am a living proof that her claim is not true. Seriously, the only 2 valid points she has are inexperience with dating and sex. That's ALL *yawns*

Plus her article might actually scare some people about getting married early and that would be such a shame because marriage is one of the most beautiful things in life, and if despite your young age you're mature enough to commit to it, why not?

Nevertheless, I applaud her for trying to reach out to people who are in the same situation as her and inspire them to be okay with themselves. This is a good thing. But please, there is no need to put down others in the process.

"Because at the age of 22, I have no idea who I am, what I’m doing, and who I’ll be doing it with for the next year… let alone for the rest of my life.  And that’s awesome."
"But then I look at my life, my relationships, and my future… and I realize that, I’m fucking awesome.  It literally isn’t me, it’s them."
"Sure.  Some days I wake up and stare at my ceiling thinking: “I’m single as fuck.”  But then I realize that those friends are going to get knocked up and fat soon sssoooo in retrospect, who really is winning here? I’m in China. I’m having the best time of my life. I am responsible for my own happiness."
And again, this one:

"It is a way for young people to hide behind a significant other instead of dealing with life’s highs and lows on their own. It’s a safety blanket. It’s an admission that the world is just too big and scary to deal with it on your own; thus, you now have someone that is legally obligated to support you till one of you dies or files for divorce."

See how she's trying to say that she is so awesome and at the same time make degrading and condescending remarks about others who don't live their lives they way she does?

You're in China? Good for you. You're having the best time of your life? Fantastic. So why can't you be happy for your friends who are married? They're having the best time of their lives too.

You're winning? Since when is it a bloody competition?

Sigh, I wish people can just be nice and civil to each other.

I have personally encountered people like this in my life. For example sometimes when I am out with my friends and they order cocktails and I am the only one with a glass of coke, some would say things like,

"Come on Tia, ape la minum Coke. Tak cool la."

Or when they talk about their ' bedroom conquests' and make fun of me having been with only ONE guy.

(By the way, it's so ironic that my non-muslim friends are the ones who respect my principles and never mock me about them)

How would they feel if I say, "Oh you can go around sleeping with multiple men. I am not cheap like that."

Or if I say things like, "Omg being married/being a mom is the best thing EVER. So glad I'm not single and alone like some of my friends. They're totally missing out."

But I don't. Deep down in my heart I know why I do/don't do certain things and I am perfectly happy with who I am. And I get that people are wired differently therefore they want different things in life. So there really is no need to be rude and condescending to others who don't share the same views with me, like what the author is doing.

The way I see it, if you are TRULY happy and confident with the choices that you make in your life, you don't need to justify yourself to others and you definitely do not need to put them down to make yourself feel better or cooler.

If you do, it just shows how insecure YOU are.

Once again, I totally agree with the author's core message. Instead of feeling pressured about getting married (no matter at what age), you should calm down, count your OWN blessings and just go out there and make memories and experience new things. You know, just live and enjoy life. One day you'll be married too (or maybe you don't ever want to be, and that's totally fine if it makes you happy) and when you do, it will be the right time for you and it will be awesome.

Cewah. Haha.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Back in My Favourite City

Woohoooo I'm in NYC right now! It's my second time is this amazing city. The first time was 4 years ago.

To say that I love this city, would be an understatement. It's the only place in the world that can give me goosebumps all over. It's like I can never believe that I am actually here. I mean, I grew up watching it on TV ever since I was in my early teens (thanks to Sex and The City and Gossip Girl), and I have also read about it a hundred times in my favourite novel (Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes - beyond hilarious I laughed until I cried so many times, it's even better than the Shopaholic series). 

So to actually be in the city that I have fantasised about coming for as long as I can remember, is just incredible.

View from our apartment in Manhattan

Will blog more when I am back in KL.


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Whaddup Miami!

Good morning from Miami!

We arrived yesterday (9th Jan) after a friggin THIRTY SIX hours long journey. 

First we took a 7 hour flight to Dubai, transit time was 4 hours before a 15 hour flight to Nyc. Another 4 hours transit and then a 4 hour flight to Miami. 

Alayna was suchhhh a good girl throughout the whole journey. She was only slightly cranky because her sleeping time was a bit messed up. But apart from that, on the plane she mostly just slept, ate, watched cartoon and skipped around at the airport.

I was quite worried about coming here because of the whole Polar Vortex situation going on last weekend. Flights to and from Nyc were cancelled, airports were closed etc. It's bad enough that I am scared of flying as it is, but to fly during bad weather?? I almost begged Nadri to cancel the trip.

View from above. Just looking at this is giving me an anxiety attack.

But luckily I didn't, because by the time we arrived at JFK, the weather has improved a lot. From -18 to -4, thank god.

The long journey is so worth it though. I mean, just look at this amazeballs view from the back of our house in Miami Beach!

Will update more when I have the time.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Indecisive Couple

This happened a while back, after Alayna had gone to bed, sometime around 8.30pm.

Him: So.. What are we having for dinner?

Me: Hmm... I'm craving for the lobster pasta at La Risata.

Him: Okay let's go.

(In the car)

Me: Wait, I changed my mind. Wanna go to KGB Bangsar?

Him: Don't feel like having burgers tonights. How about Chutney Mary?

Me: Butter chicken and naan.. Mmmmmm... *salivates* But NO! I had some cakes earlier today I can't afford to eat Indian food tonight. Too much calories.

Him: *rolls eyes*

Him: Oh I know! Let's go to Rasta. You have GOT to try this waffle which is so good I promise! I'll buy you TWO waffles.

Me: Ala, but Rasta is always so crowded.

Him: It won't be tonight because there's no football match.

Me: Liar. Rasta is always full.

Him: Trust me.

Me: Fine. If it's full then we'll go Penang Village.

Him: Okay deal.

(a few minutes later as we were driving somewhere near OU)

Me: Hey look we're so near to OU! Gyu-kaku pun macam best je. Jom?

Him: I cubit you kang. 

Me: Ok la fineeee.

(a few minutes after that)

Me: Mohd Chan?

Him: *pretended not to hear me*

Then we arrived at Rasta, which was so FULL that the only parking space available was somewhere along the roadside.

Me: Ha! I told you it would be full!

Him: We can just park here and walk.

Me: After this car got broken into here last time? No way. Let's go to Penang Village.

(A few minutes later, on the way to Penang Village)

Him: How about Publika?

Me: It's so far la. Look at the time now. 

Him: It's actually very near. (if he lied to me I wouldn't know because I have zero sense of direction)

Me: Hmm.. Okay! We can go to The Social! (Their Chicken Diane is tdf!)

We finally arrived at Publika.

Me: You know what, there's this restaurant that I have always wanted to try here. It's called Picknik. I heard the food is good. (Actually I heard the chef is good-looking but Nadri didn't have to know that hehe) (Ok sayang I know you're reading this, don't worry you paling handsome XXX)

Him: Okay let's go there.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was how both of us randomly ended up having dinner at Picknik at almost 10pm that night. 

Nasi Lemak

Fat Tuesday Chicken

The food was good, unfortunately Chef Nik was nowhere in sight pffft.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

He Listens

Allah is Great. 

He knows I am having a hard time coping with my grandmother's passing. He knows I need time to mourn. 

Everyday I pray for Him to give me strength and ease the way for me. And today He did. Out of the blue my client asked me to come and collect  cheque. 

Alhamdulillah for this rezeki. Now I can take some time off to recollect myself and get back on my feet. 

Have faith, for Allah knows best.

Friday, January 3, 2014

A Big Decision

As much as I love staying with my parents (free maid, free food hehe), I think it's time that we finally move into our own place. It's time to face the reality. I am 26 years old (27 in 5 days sigh), I have been married for almost 7 years and I have a CHILD. My mom is practically kicking me out of the house hahaha.

Fine, I'm gonna be honest.

Actually the main reason I want to move out is because I just cannot take being confined in one room anymore. It's bad enough that I have to share my wardrobe with Nadri (ok not really sharing, he only gets a tiny drawer and I get everything else) and have his ps3 and lazy chair taking up space,  now I have to make room for Alayna's stuffs as well. 

Our rooms perpetually looks like a shipwreck, and it's driving me crazy.

My mom keeps nagging me about how I am so disorganised and all, but you see, there's just NO ROOM for me to organise our stuffs, to a point where Alayna's baby cot has to be used as a place to store some of my bags.

Her conclusion is that I shop too much and the solution is for me to get rid of my stuffs.

No freaking way.

The real solution is, to get a place of our own.

After weeks of house-hunting around September/October last year, we finally agreed on a property that we both love. It's landed (I can never live in an apartment/condo, I have watched/heard too many ghost stories involving elevators), it has quite a sizeable land area (for family bbqs and who knows maybe a swimming pool in the future), it's less than 5 minutes away from my mom's place (free maid, free food hahahahahah) but most importantly, I can take one room and turn it into my walk-in-wardrobe! =D

Obviously this is a source of headache for me as I can't decide which design to go with. #itshardbeingagirl

InsyaAllah we will get the key to our house this month, and factoring in the renovations and all, we will probably move out some time in February or March. 

Can't wait!!!