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Monday, October 7, 2013

Hormonal Parents

Scenario 1

Nadri and I were in bed watching "Mama". Before I go on, you need to know that I am a complete chicken when it comes to horror movies.

  • When we're in the cinema, I would put my legs on Nadri's because I am scared that something will grab my feet under the seat (I heard it happened at one of the TGV outlets). I get the same fear when I am driving. Or when I am lying on the bed. Shit I am scared now.

  • I would peek through the teeny weeny gap between my fingers when the scene gets eerie. Sometimes I don't even peek at all. Then I'd ask Nadri what happened or what did the ghost look like and he wouldn't know either coz he's a chicken just like me bahahahahha.

  • And I am that girl who would jump and scream when I get startled, causing the popcorn to spill over onto the person sitting in front of me.  So.. If you're at the movies and I am sitting behind you, it might be a good idea for you to move.

Anyway, the "Mama" movie was already towards the end. I was buried under the covers, barely peeking through as the ghost flew around scaring the crap outta me. We later found out that the reason the ghost could not rest in peace was because she had an unfinished business; which was to find her infant child.

Hundreds of years ago, her newborn baby was taken from her. She found the baby and escaped with it. She was chased through the woods until she came to the edge of a cliff. She and the baby fell to their deaths. The baby's remains were taken and kept in storage. So that's why she started to haunt people all these years, she just wanted to find her missing baby's body.

I felt so bad for the ghost..

I started to sniffle quietly under the covers.

Nadri looked at me incredulously and said, "Are you crying??"

I started sobbing and exclaimed, "She lost her baby laa!! I get her pain okay.."

Nadri rolled his eyes and called me a drama queen.

Scenario 2

Nadri and I were watching Les Miserables at home. We came to the final scene where Hugh Jackman was dying and his daughter and husband came to see him. He was so happy to see her and his daughter kept saying "I love you Papa" or "Please don't leave me Papa" or something like that, I can't really recall.

Nadri started to sniffle quietly under the covers.

I looked at him incredulously and said, "Are you crying??"

He couldn't answer me because he was too busy trying to wipe his tears.

"It's because his daughter called him Papa isn't it?" (Alayna calls Nadri Papa)

He timidly said yes.

I burst out laughing and called him Nancy.


  1. hahaha.cant stop laughing.alayna must be soooo lucky

    1. She's gonna be so annoyed with us when she's all grown up hahaha