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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Magic Brush

Girls!!! I have found the perfect tool for us to get the professional salon blow curl effect at home! And I am so excited to share it with all of you =D

Last Friday I went to Hairkunst for a haircut. Normally I would run in the other direction whenever someone even says the word haircut but Bambang (the owner) is really great. He makes me feel comfortable and he didn't laugh at me when I almost cried the first time I came to his hair salon a few months back to cut my hair. Some hairstylist in the past have said things like "Why are you so attached to your hair? It's just hair mahh, it will grow back wannn." I just wanna slap them you know?

Bambang on the other hand is very understanding. The first time I met him, he said "I know, you feel like you hair is your identity kan? You hair is a part of you." And I was like, finally someone gets it! Then he really took his time to explain to me exactly what he was going to do to my hair, while assuring me that my hair will still look long, just more healthy and full, which was what I wanted. 

So obviously when I needed another major haircut last week, I went to him. This time I wanted to go a bit shorter. 

Ok la it's not that short but this is short enough for me. 

While they were blowdrying my hair, I asked Bambang how do I get this kind of effect at home? I don't have the skills and the patience to blow curl my hair, and when I use thong/straightener I get nice curls but nothing like this. He then introduced me to something that I will never be without:

It's like a normal round brush, but heated in the middle. 

They demonstrated how to use it and made me try on my own hair. I was not used to it so I kinda fumbled. I bought it anyway because it was just RM249, which I think is pretty reasonable. 

Yesterday I decided to try it and this is the result:


This is exactly what I wanted all along! Big, loose curls, with LOTS of volume. I am never using curling thong or hair straightener to curl my hair anymore.

Since it was my first time using it, it took me a while to figure out how to get this result. And the best part is, you can also use this brush to get the blow in/blow out effect. 

I am one happy girl! Definitely money well spent.

You guys can get it from Hairkunst. I forgot what it's called. My maid threw the box away. I guess you can just show them the picture of the brush. 

A  few people commented on my Instagram asking Bambang if the brush could be posted to them. He said he will check with his staffs. If it's possible, then that's great for those of you who are unable to go and get it from the salon. 

Bambang Soteto. The only person I trust to even come close to my hair with a pair of scissors lol.

My girl Farah Munirah, who dropped by to accompany me at the salon.

Yana came too! The only person missing is Erin :(

P.S: This is especially for you Tasha! I know you've been waiting for the hair tutorial. This brush gives a much better result compared to my other methods before this :)


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  3. you ada sorang lagi girlfriend kan, syeera. if im not mistaken la.... hihi i stalk you punya ig. everyday ;)

    oh by the way, i need your advice. i ada masalah thinning hair. any suggestion for me? so saddd

    1. Hi there!

      If you look at my hair post, I ada suggest this hair tonic which helped me reduce my hair-loss and promote hair growth. Hope this helps :)

  4. Awww yess finally thank you thank you thank you Tia! I'm going to get the magic comb real soon! Major love! Xx

    p/s : Btw i already bought a nyx colored lip balm in merci, because you recommended it! ;)

    1. My pleasure darling! Hope you like the NYX lip balm. Just fyi, I find that applying it using my finger is better than straight from the tube to get the lip stain effect:)

    2. Wah okay! The only thing that i dont like about the lipbalm is that it doesnt last that long. It got smears off very easily esp after eating. :( But other than that I love it, very moisturizing! ;) Keep on posting tutorials, beauty and health tips kay. And oh, fashion! Love love love it. -Tasha-