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Saturday, September 14, 2013


After seeing the comments on this post, I thought that I'd say something regarding the issue.

Yes you are right, Sage Restaurant does not have the Halal certification by JAKIM. Same as many many other restaurants that we see in shopping malls (Chilis, TGIF, Italiannies, Tony Romas, just to name a few). Usually the reason is because they serve alcohol/use alcohol as their ingredients.

I have to confess that I frequent these restaurants anyway because they don't serve pork, they can leave out alcohol when preparing your food and I have confirmed with the staffs that the meat source itself is halal.

For instance, a Sage hostess named Anis (or Aida?) assured me that their meat is halal. I am sure Anis knows what halal means so I decided to take her word for it. BUT, if you are skeptical (was-was) then you should avoid going to those places altogether. 

Like when I heard a rumour about Fatty Crab using Ketam Batu (haram for Muslims), I went and asked their staff and the lady said yes they do. But another friend of mine asked another staff on another day and she was told differently. So since there's uncertainly there (was-was), I stopped going to Fatty Crab. I miss their chili crab though :(

I know my way is not perfect. But I am doing my best. If it's something that is blatantly haram like pork and alcohol, then I will avoid. Even when I lived in Melbourne for 2 years, I never once consumed non-halal meat. Every week Nadri would take the train to go to the halal butcher in the suburbs. When we dine out at restaurants we would order seafood. Same goes when we travel overseas. Seafood or halal Lebanese food only. Not forgetting Maggi and Brahims too of course ;)

When we were in London last December, the driver took us to this Fish & Chips restaurant which is apparently the best in town. The shop owner figured that we were Muslims and was kind enough to let us know that she cooks their fish fillets and pork sausages using the same oil. If she didn't tell us, I would have dined there but since she did, I passed even though we came all the way just for it. 

I do have friends who are more 'lenient' when they are overseas. I do not judge them and I certainly do not think that I am better than them for being more careful. 

I believe that everyone has their own principles and that they should be respected. 


  1. You have my respect girl!:)

  2. Hi Tia, actually ketam regardless if its ketam batu or not we muslims can eat it. The reason is ketam is not haiwan dua alam even though it can survive outside water for a long team. Ketam will always have to go back in the water and only come out from the water for a short time. They spend their lives under water and scientifically ketam also is not classified as amphibians or haiwan dua alam.

    1. *for a long time, i mean. typo there ;)

    2. Hi Rosealia! Thanks for the input. Yeah I am aware of that argument too, but I saw Ustaz Azhar Idrus's video on youtube, he said if Ketam Nipah some can some cannot. But Ketam Batu generally cannot consume. So since there's uncertainty there, I avoid je la :(

  3. Tia, did you take 10 big breaths and count to 1000 before writing this?
    respect cara u reply secara berhemah.

  4. really liked what you have written. hope more people in Malaysia irregardless of race be as level headed. :)