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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Raya Family Portrait

Like most families out there, it's a tradition for us to take a family photo for Raya. Since this year I celebrated the first day of Hari Raya in Kelantan (Nadri's dad's side), we decided to take our family portrait on the 2nd last day of Ramadhan.

 Theme colour = No theme, obviously. 

Hakim sisters.

Me taking selfie pictures, my sister pretending to walk down the runway and our brother laughing at our vanity. A totally normal scenario at our house.

My ridiculously skinny sister..

Make up of the day.

My fav picture of the bunch:

"Seriously, you two, please stop embarassing me."


I hope you guys had a wonderful Hari Raya celebration with your loved ones :)


  1. Such a happy family.. You're almost perfect tia :)

    1. indeed.

      hearts, mia.

    2. You girls are too sweet. But trust me I am far from perfect. I'm just trying to make the best with what I have :)