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Monday, August 19, 2013

Baby Drama

Rania: Alayna, I have something to tell you..

Alayna: What is it?

Rania: I finished your pasta.

Alayna: Whattt. You mean my favourite salmon alfredo?? :O

Alayna: How could you do this to me Rania?

Rania: I don't know! I was hungry I couldn't think straight..

Alayna: This is too much.

Alayna walks away while Rania looks down, feeling dejected.

Alayna mengadu kat papa. Haha.

Moments later..

Rania: Alayna, I'm sorry I finished your pasta. Let's not fight ok?

Alayna: It's ok Rania. Sorry I was a drama queen.

Rania: Let's shake hands and call it a truce.

Alayna: Ok!

The end.