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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


My baby boy turned 28 on 14th of August. As usual, we went to Sage for his birthday dinner.

Le menu

Complimentary bread


Amuse bouche: Smoked trout with potato & leek emulsion

I am not a fan of smoked fish. I like my food thoroughly cooked. But this was so damn good I had to make an exception.

Chef's Special of The Day

Well actually the Special of The Day was King Prawn with something in rice wine. Since they could not prepare the prawn without the wine, they replaced it with this rocket salad.

Comsomme of Wagyu beef with seasonal mushrooms

Okay remember I said earlier that I like my food thoroughly cooked? Well, I am pretty sure that this wagyu beef was not. In fact, I don't think that it was even cooked at all T_T

The waiter then poured the piping hot consomme (soup) over it and it became this:

So I guess the meat is 'cooked' by the hot broth. See how some parts of the meat have turned a lighter colour while some parts remain red/raw?

I swear I wanted to puke.

Still, I forced myself to at least take a sip. I was going to pay RM60 bucks for this freaking soup for god's sake. Turned out the broth was actually really delicious. And the meat just melted in my mouth.

But, at the back of my mind, a voice kept telling me:

"You're eating raw meat."

"There's cow blood in your soup."

I couldn't do it. 

Ugh even thinking about it now makes me wanna throw up.

Nadri, who has no problem eating uncooked stuffs, tried the soup and told me I was nuts because he loved it. So I let him finish it.

Carpaccio of Hiramasa Kingfish with smoked Avruga caviar cream

Basically, raw fish with almost raw fish eggs. 


Seriously what is wrong with you people?? You might as well just grab a live fish and bite off it's flesh while it's still alive.

Nadri said it's one of the best that he ever had. 

"Ok sayang, you have to try this. I swear it's really good."

"You said the same thing about the tuna belly sashimi last time. I'm not falling for it again."

"But this is different! If you try this, I'll give you RM50."





"I'll eat it if you buy me a Chanel bag."

That shut him up so fast haha.

Anged Angus beef with seasonal vegetable and sauce chasseur.

Now THIS, is the reason why we always go back to Sage. This steak right here, and everything else on the plate, is perfection. I have had this dish many, many times and it never fails to make me swoon every time I take a bite. 

Glazed Atlantic Seabass with Kataifi Prawn and Crustacean Oil

Good, but nowhere near the angus beef.

Ginger and lime brulee with mixed berries and almond tuile

The ginger taste is pretty strong. I liked it, he didn't. 

Mille feuille of strawberry with caramel ice cream

I requested to change the Cointreau ice cream to caramel. The mille feuille was just alright. Next time I'll just get the usual Belgium dark chocolate fondant. You can never go wrong with that.

His 10th birthday that we've celebrated together :)

All black

Sage Restaurant
The Gardens Residences
6th Floor, The Gardens
Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel No: 03- 2268 1188


  1. Just asking, is it HALAL?

  2. means they got the cert from JAKIM right? ok babe, thanks!! can't wait to dig in!!

    1. They can't get halal cert since alcohol is served, just like Chilis, Tony Romas and TGIF, but the food is still halal.

  3. dont think they have the cert from JAKIM because they do serve alcohol. but i believe the meat are from halal source. like many other restaurant, if they did not meet one of the criteria, they will not be certified halal.

    hearts, mia.

  4. true. not easy to get halal cert from JAKIM esp when alcohol is around. our hotel tried to apply few times and everytime also got rejected lah how :'( plus be careful with the meat tia....self experience working @ a place where minority understand the term halal itself. they simply order any meat and claim it as halal. thats y i never recommend my place to any friend cz i myself not sure the status of the meat itself.

  5. kalau ada arak/alkohol tu, xleh dpt cert from JAKIM la.. plus meat tu mmg la HALAL tp cmne diorg sembelih sume tau ke? better don't go lar, nnt was-was pulak!

  6. Tia.. all these cost u berapa ratus

    1. Hi Husna. I think Sage's price is quite reasonable compared to other fine dining restaurants. If you take the dinner set (the cheapest one) which comprises of an appetiser, a main course and a dessert, it's about RM 170 not including taxes.

  7. stop counting other people's money