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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Salam Ramadhan

Hi all! 

I would like to take this opportunity to wish my Muslim friends a blessed Ramadhan :)

"The fast is not simply about denying your body food and water. It also involves arguably the more taxing challenge of avoiding ill speech, arguments, loss of temper and malicious behaviour. The whole point of the fast is to demonstrate submission to God and keep the mind focused on a spiritual plane."

But having said that, I just can't help it, when Ramadhan is approaching I get so excited about the food bazaar! It's heaven for food freaks like me. I always come home with either one (okay five) of these:

  • Fried mushrooms 
  • Roasted honey chicken 
  • Popia F.A.M (Kelana Jaya)
  • Uncle Jill's jacket potato (Subang ss18)
  • Bariyani powerhouse (Subang ss18)
  • Nasi tomato
  • Laksa johor!!!
  • Laksa penang
  • Azmi murtabak (Subang ss18)
  • Roti John
  • Kuih talam
  • Buah Melaka (that's the correct name right?)
  • Ayam percik
  • Jai's fried chicken
  • Jagung bakar omg I'm totally drooling right now

And the list goes on.

Nadri is worse than me. I can never let him go to the bazaar alone. He WILL come home with enough food to last for a week. It's like when he is super hungry he becomes irrational.

Like yesterday, both of us didn't wake up foe sahur. So when he came home from work at 5.30 pm he was like,

"Omg I'm so hungry. Okay, I'm going to buy food from the bazaar for buka puasa, then at 10 p.m I am going to buy KFC because someone posted a picture of KFC on Facebook just now, and then at 12 a.m I am going to have nasi kandar pelita for sahur."

Yeah right. I knew it was his hunger talking. 

And sure enough, by 10.30 p.m he was already snoring. 

If you guys know the best bazaar to get laksa johor pleaseeee let me know! I can eat it everyday and never get bored hehe.


  1. u mentioned that u look older than ur age. er of cos!!!..cos u slather on too much makeup on your face. it makes us look older. just use little to enhance our beauty pls.but then i find that pretty people only needs little makeup to look nice, so those who needs a lot to look nice are.....ugly?

    1. If you are implying that I am ugly which is why I need makeup then you are absolutely right!

      However, there are naturally pretty women out there (I am not one of them) who doll themselves up simply because they love the art of makeup, not because they need it to look good. So it's really not nice for you to stereotype people like that.

      Remember, your words reflect your character :)

    2. you are sis tia =)

  2. errr... u better write dlm bahasa melayu ajer lah.. ur english berterabur...!

    1. Yup I agree with you, my English is terrible!

    2. Sorry Anonymous, I beg to differ. I think she can write in English rather well. You on the other hand, I'm not so sure...... *smirks*

    3. rather well?
      you say that to july12 anonymous but your english is... as well. lol

    4. This is not an essay competition, get a life babe :) This is Tia's blog. If you don't like her writing, just don't come here :P Cheers!!!!

    5. grammar nazi alert.pewpew.pewpewpew.

  3. OMG haters gonna be haters..

    Whatnever it is I love u and ur writing :) keep what you do best :) some of us DO appreciate ur blog :) xoxo

  4. all that food n u still manage to look thin n pretty.. im so jealous of u..

    1. Hello I could say the same things to u! U look great when I bumped into u last time :)

  5. Salam Tia,

    I love the positivity outlook on life that you have and how u manage to help & inspire young girls to build up their self confidence thru your writings. Even as an older person like me i have to admit that i've learned something from you. Just ignore those haters and keep on writing. Salam Ramadhan :)

    1. Wsalam,

      Wow.. I'm truly humbled by what you said. Thank you so much! Salam Ramadhan to you too :)

  6. know what,i'm so jealous of your capability to write in english.maybe to other 'expert' people,your english berterabur but for someone whom almost never speak completely even one paragraph in english,i really admire your writing&yr story..btw,salam kenal ;)