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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Woke up to the news that my gynecologist, Dr Delaila Ahmad from SDMC got robbed in front of her clinic late last night at SS19. The robbers, who were riding on a motorcycle, tried to snatch her bag as she was making her way to her car. When she resisted, they slashed her with a parang. Apparently she lost her thumb and is now in the ICU.

I am completely horrified. I love Dr Delaila. She's amazing at her job. I don't even have a scar for my c-section (you can read about my c-section experience with her here). I can't imagine if she can't work again. Her patients, myself included, would be devastated. 

Hopefully she'll be ok. I'm sure the best doctors are taking care of her. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

A reminder to myself and all the ladies out there: If a robber tries to snatch your handbag, DO NOT RESIST. Your life is more precious than your bag, even if it is Chanel.

P.S: There has been a lot of break-ins this fasting month, especially during sahur and terawih. Please lock doors and gates at all times.


  1. I too am shocked to learn about this. She helped me deliver both my children. She's an amazing doctor who absolutely loves her work. Praying for her and her family.

    1. She's the best. And yes she's so passionate about her job. I hope she'll be able to work again.

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    1. Can't believe it happened to someone we know

  3. Snatch thief slices off doctor's thumb

    PETALING JAYA (July 17, 2013): When Dr Delaila Ahmad (pix) faced off with a snatch thief outside her clinic at 1.20am on Tuesday, she never thought that she would have to undergo 12 hours of surgery to re-attach her left thumb and treat a fractured wrist and the many lacerations that the fiend had inflicted on her.

    The 57-year-old obstetrician and gynaecologist (pix) did the natural thing when she turned around on hearing a soft "hello" only to regret her action as the heartless brute sliced off her thumb, leaving her slumped beside her car in excruciating pain.

    It was only when her screams for help brought out a staff member at the clinic that the thief fled with an accomplice on a motorcycle, but not before rifling through her handbag to take RM3,750 which represented part of the clinic's collections for the day.

    The staff member quickly telephoned her husband, who was on the way to fetch her, to rush over to take Delaila to the Sime Darby Medical Centre in Subang Jaya, where she is also a consultant.

    It is understood that the staff member's husband, who arrived shortly after, found the thumb beside Delaila and placed it in a plastic bag before taking her to the hospital.

    Family members were keeping vigil outside the ICU at the hospital today as doctors tried their best to ensure that the operation to re-attach the thumb would be successful.

    It is understood that doctors had to give Delaila four pints of blood as she had bled profusely from the wound.

    "She is alright now and has awoken from her sedation," a source said, adding that no one is allowed into the ICU on doctors' orders.

    Two of Delaila's children – a son who is studying in India and a daughter studying in the United Kingdom – flew in to be with their mother on hearing of the incident. Another son, who is a doctor in Slim River, also rushed back.

    "She had just finished counting the money and was about to go home when the incident occurred. Perhaps the robbers had been targeting her," a source close to the victim said.

    Subang Jaya police chief ACP Yahaya Ramli said police had identified the thief who had slashed Delaila and were on the hunt for him.

    It is believed that the thief's tactic was similar to that of the person involved in another incident recently and police had obtained a photo-fit of the man.

    Meanwhile, those who knew Delaila said she is an expert in her field, highly-praised and well-loved by her patients and peers.

    1. Thanks for this. It helps shed some light on what really happened that night. There were so many versions of it.

  4. Shes my gynae too! She loat weight and dah ada uban apparently... pitiful kan? Shes doing physio now.. anyway its nice to know a fellow blogger who loves dr delaila too.. she is an amazing doctor! I wrote abt her in my blog, come visit n exchange links with me..

    1. So sad.. :( I hope she would recover and be able to practice again. I was planning to stick with her for my 2nd baby.