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Monday, July 29, 2013

Fashion Valet for Downy Parfum Collection

I almost didn't go to the Fashion Valet event last week. Right after I launched Bag Du Jour that morning, I fell sick. My temperature went up, my head felt 10 pounds heavier and my nose started running. I guess the sleepless nights from working on Bag Du Jour finally got to me.

In the end I decided to go anyway. I figured if I stayed at home I would be miserable because I would constantly think about being sick. Might as well go out and drool over nice clothes and hot models. And besides, I wanted to see Sazzy Falak in person (gosh how can a mom of two be so skinny?? T_T)

The event was held at The Black Box @ MAP Publika. I planned to get my hair done at Marion Caunter's salon Hairplay first but I got lost (no surprises there) so I was super late. 

Ummm my pictures of the show are pretty bad. Sorry! They were taken using my ancient Samsung Note. I think it's time that I invest in a good camera. 

The show was started off with a dance performance.

I thought this model was Neelofa. 

Nope, not her.

Baroque print leggings. Add to cart.

Full skirt. Add to cart.

Gold wrap-around dress. ADD TO CART!!! Arghh faster la launch on FV I want it!

Fadza, FV's big boss, together with the models and a representative from Downy.

Farah, my date for the event.

Blazer: Honey Pumpkin
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: House of Dereon
Statement necklace: FashionValet
Bag: Chanel


  1. tia, imagine u in the baroque leggings and baju. u r all set to dangdut.

    1. Bahahahahahaha Joan Rivers would have me arrested.

  2. When are you going to update your preloved sale on insta? ive been waiting for them pants and shoes! :( -Tasha- And and the hair tutorial alsoooo :(

    1. Hi Tasha syg! I already put aside the clothes to let go but I just can't find the time to upload them T______T I have drafted the hair tutorial, will try to finish it soon ok? XXX

  3. Tia do upload ur preloved items on ur blog also cuz i dont have instagram acc. :D