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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Anniversary dinner @ Mandarin Grill

Nadri took me to Mandarin Grill for our wedding anniversary. In May.

Yes I know it's basically ancient history. But juggling a baby, a husband, a job, a blog and something else (you'll find out soon enough) is not easy. I don't even have time to play Candy Crush anymore. Ok fine. Maybe it's mostly because I've been stuck at level 208 for the longest time and since I am a sore loser I decided to move on and tell myself that Candy Crush is so yesterday.

Anyway, we always go to Sage for special occasions because the food there never fails to amaze us but since it was closed for a private event, we thought we'd give Mandarin Grill a shot.

I am a sucker for crab cakes so I chose the Seared Alaskan Blue Swimmer Crab Cake for the starter.

Seafood Bouillabaisse, definitely.

For mains, I initially wanted this steak (can't be seen in the menu) and requested for it to be prepared without wine but the maître dsaid it was not possible. I asked him to recommend me something else and he said that I should really go for the Hay Smoked Wagyu Beef Rib Eye. So I did.

I forgot what Nadri chose, but it was something from this page.

For side dishes, we chose truffle-potato puree (compulsory), sauteed wood mushrooms and green asparagus.

Complimentary bread. 

Complimentary amuse-bouche

Made of ricotta cheese, poached pear and I forgot what those tiny red bits are. I didn't like it because I'm not a fan of ricotta.

Pretty chandeliers, and half of a French dude's head.

 Then the starters came..

This is the seafood bouillabaisse. Oh my god, this was so damn good. Previously the seafood bouillabaisse at Cilantro tops the list but this one from Mandarin Grill is wayyyy better. I wiped the plate clean in like 10 seconds. Not even a drop left. I practically licked it clean. The prawn and scallop were succulent and juicy. It was so good that Nadri refused to give me half of his scallop geez so kedekut.

Next came the Alaskan crab cake.

You can see Nadri finishing his bouillabaisse at the back, not caring about the crab cake -_-

Another winner. The best crab cake that I have ever tasted, and I have tasted a lot. Goes extremely well with the mango salsa (on the left).

Once they took away our plates, I was already excited for the mains. So far the food there were top notch. Nadri looked very pleased with himself for choosing this place.

Then he said, "Ok la I have a confession. Actually one of the reasons I wanted to take you here was because I read that they would present you with a big case full of knives and make you choose which one you'd like to use for your steak."

They what now?

And sure enough, not long after that one of the waiters came to us with a big box and then majestically opened it to reveal.. well, knives!

I forgot to take a photo because I was quite stunned by the whole thing but I found this picture from

Yup that's exactly how our waiter presented the knives to us.

He said that the knives are arranged accoring to their weights. The one on the most left is the lightest and the one on the most right is the heaviest. Apparently each knives costs about RM500 0.o

I chose the lightest one and Nadri, trying to show me that he's the man, chose the heaviest.

My cute pink knife.

His & hers & her Blackberry

After we were done fooling around with our knives, the maître dcame carrying a covered pot. He said inside it was my hay smoked rib eye. He wanted to show me how it was prepared because it's very unique. He opened the cover and a cloud of smoke came out. The smell was heavenly. I could not see the steak at first because there were so much smoke. Once it has dispersed, I could finally see it, resting on a stack of hay. Amazeballs.

He closed the pot and said that he was going to plate it out for me. I said, "Wait, can you do that again? I want to take pictures". He delightfully agreed. So here you go:

Wait for it..

Wait for it..


Five minutes later he came back with our mains.


The cheese soufflé.


The side dishes

Ok, Mandarin Grill officially kicks ass. Our steak (especially mine) were out of this world. Definitely beats Prime (supposedly the best place for steak). I think I had like 10 orgasms. The hay really added a unique smoky flavour but I don't know how to describe it. All I know is that it was the best that I have ever had.

No meal is complete without desserts. Normally I would go for something chocolatey but I was too full so I wanted something refreshing. The maître dsuggested the Peach Combination. Since his recommendation for my main course really hit the spot, I trusted him and ordered that. Nadri decided to be boring and ordered a scoop of ice cream *yawn*

My peach combination.

Loved it. Perfect. Seriously I love the maître d'! The next time I dine there I will just make him order everything for me.

I didn't take a picture of Nadri's dessert because it was just ice cream. Meh.

6 years and counting.

Love you sayang, with or without your belly hahahahhaha.

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