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Instagram Pictures

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Everyone knows that I have zero sense of direction.

Don't believe me? Let me tell you a story.

Last week I got lost trying to find the Post Office HQ in Shah Alam. Thinking that I've been living in Shah Alam ever since I was 5 and the fact that I've been to the post office a few times, I was sure I could find it on my own (it's one of those moments where I overestimate myself).

After lots of roundabouts and U-turns and cursing, I finally gave in and searched for the Post Office on my I-Drive and saw this:

Shah Alam Post Office, 0.0 km to my right.

I turned to look and sure enough, I saw the post office.

Note to self: Never think you know the way no matter how confident you are. Just use the damn GPS.

Note to you guys: Never trust my directions no matter how confident I sound. Or just go in the opposite direction. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Product Review: Kryolan Supra & Dermacolor Camouflage Cream

Being the make up junkie that I am, I always have this itch to try out new products, especially if they are sworn by by famous MUAs. 2 weeks ago, I suddenly remembered about Dermacos which is a foundation that is used by Sue Cantik, whom I believe needs no introduction. I spent some time google-ing about it and I found out that it is a product by Kryolan. Apparently Kryolan is a favourite brand among Indonesian MUAs (and we all know how awesome they are right). 

I asked my friends if they know where to get Kryolan stuffs. Erin introduced me to "Hani Kryolan" on Facebook. I contacted the seller, and turns out that her shop is in Section 7 Shah Alam! Without wasting any time, I visited her shop, and went bonkers.

I came home with these:

Kryolan Supra (trial pack)
Dermacolor Camouflage Cream (trial pack)
Dermacolor Fixier Powder (trial pack)
4 color shading/highlighting kit
1 Blusher
3 make up brushes brushes

Total = RM 156 only :O

Top: Dermacolor Fixier Powder.
Bottom left: Dermacolor Camouflage Cream. Bottom right: Kryolan Supra

As you can see, the packaging is pretty small because I bought the trial pack instead of the full-sized version. But even so, I think they could last me for months because there's a lot of products inside and you only need to use a small amount at one time. The trial pack is about RM20+ to RM30+ each. 

Kryolan Supra

I apply this using a foundation brush. Super easy to blend. It covers E V E R Y T H I N G. I didn't even have to use a concealer for my dark circles!! It gives you that flawless, porcelain-like skin. I think it looks amazing on its own but if you're going to be under the sun I think you should set it with powder. The foundation is pretty heavy though. I would not wear it on a daily basis. Only to events/weddings. I'm wearing Supra in the following (no filter) pictures:

Kryolan supra
Laura Mercier secret brightening powder (under eyes)
M.A.C studio fix powder

Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 (Virgin for brow bone, Darkhorse for base colour and under the eyes, Buck for eyebrows)
M.A.C Penultimate Eyeliner in Rapid Black (for lashline)
M.A.C Eye Kohl in Smoulder (for waterline)
Doll Lash falsies

Laura Mercier mineral blusher in Pink Spark (found out that this has been discontinued T_T)
M.A.C highlighter in soft & gentle

NYX lip balm in Merci

Dermacos Camouflage Cream

I also apply this with a foundation brush. The texture of this foundation is drier compared to Supra so I would dip my brush into M.A.C strobe cream then dip the brush into Dermacolor and then apply. This also covers imperfections like a dream. No concealer needed. Looks amazing on its own as well. Between this and supra, I think this is less heavy and is suitable for everyday use. 

Please excuse my hair and cupcake pyjamas lol

Dermacolor camouflage cream
Laura Mercier secret brightening powder (under eyes)
M.A.C studio fix powder

Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 (Virgin for brow bone, Darkhorse for base colour and under the eyes, Buck for eyebrows)
M.A.C Penultimate Eyeliner in Rapid Black (for lashline)
M.A.C Eye Kohl in Smoulder (for waterline)
Doll Lash falsies

Giorgio Armani sheer shimmer highlighter

NYX lipbalm in Merci

My friend Yana, owner of Michiko Scarves and a MUA
recently featured in Safiyya, wearing Dermacolor.

Yana's friend, also wearing Dermacolor. Make up by Yana.

From what I read online, the Dermacolor Camouflage Cream is best applied with a damp sponge, like what my friend Yana did on her friend and herself. But I suck at using sponges to apply foundation. I always end up with streaks, which is why I stick to using a foundation brush.  So you see, make up is not just about buying good products. It requires skills as well. Some people are better at using fingers, some brushes or sponges. You gotta experiment and see what works for you. But having said that, I must learn how to use a damp sponge from Yana. Love how the Dermacolor looks on her and her friend!

Here's another tip:

Please make sure that your face is well moisturised. There is nothing worse than putting make up on dry and flaky skin. 

Alright girls, have fun experimenting!


Friday, June 21, 2013

Bribery Part II

Okay I know earlier today I said on IG and FB that tonight I will update about this new magic foundation that doesn't require the use of concealer. But I had to settle some stuffs and after what seemed like forever I'm finally done. It's 1.50 am now. As much as I can't wait to share with you girls, I need to go to sleep because otherwise I will be a very grumpy Tia tomorrow.  

A grumpy Tia = Throwing tantrums over the silliest things like how come it took you 10 seconds to pick up my call? = A stressed Nadri.

Not good.

In the meantime, here's my favourite picture of Alayna taken last week. She's wearing a jubah and hijab that my aunt bought for her in Mekah.

Don't be fooled by this picture though. This was a lucky shot. It lasted for a nanosecond. The other 27 pictures are of her screaming and pulling the hijab off.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Guess Who?

It's Miss Alayna Hakim of course! Hehe.

I think this is her favourite pair of mine so far because when she thinks I'm not looking she would go and get them and try to put them on. These toddlers.. If they're suddenly all quiet, you just know that they're up to something. 

Didn't even look up when I said I have snacks for her.

One day, I caught her stealing glances at those shoes while pretending to read her book. So I went to take them and asked her, "Alayna, do you want to try these on?"

Her face lit up and she excitedly made her way towards me. I made her stand facing the mirror so that she could watch herself. Once those shoes were on, she just looked at herself and smiled the whole time.

Admiring herself hahaha

Then she tried to walk and managed to wobble a few steps which made her even more happy so she started laughing.

Look at how excited she was!

Alayna, there's never a dull moment with you. Everyday you bring us so much joy with your cheekiness that we just can't imagine what life would be like if you didn't come along. And I'll never forget this day. The day you tried on your very first pair of heels :)

Friday, June 14, 2013


Alayna woke up from her nap, saw me taking selfie pictures then immediately crawled to me and rested her head on my shoulder to join in haha.

Love this. It's as if she's saying, "Mommy is MINE!".

It's Friday evening yo! While you're all out there partying and having drinks and whatever it is that you cool kids do on Friday nights, I'll be at home putting Alayna to sleep followed by a movie in bed in my pajamas while eating nandos/wong solo/pizza. Yes I am lame and boring like that haha. Have a great weekend all!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Miss Independent

I have always thought of myself as being independent and that I could survive on my own, but 2 days ago I was reminded that well.. I am not, and I couldn't. 

I left home at 11am in the morning and headed to Bukit Raja. While at the red light, I happily sang along to "Dua" by KRU (oh admit it girls, you love that song too) when suddenly..


The next thing I knew my head knocked against the steering wheel.

What. The. Eff. Just. Happened.

It took me a while to realize that my car had been hit from the back.

I have never been in an accident before. So of course I panicked. Suddenly all those forwarded warning messages about how some people hit your car on purpose so that they can rob you flashed through my mind. 

I looked into the rearview mirror and saw the driver coming out of the car and walking towards me. In my mind I was like "Omg I'm gonna get robbed. He is gonna smash the window with a parang. He is gonna steal my Chanel."

I quickly made sure that my car was locked. Then the guy peered into my window to talk to me but I signalled for him to wait and I took out my phone to call Nadri.

Me: Sayang, I got into an accident. Someone hit my car.

Him: What? Are you okay? Where are you?

Me: Yeah I'm fine. Just in shock. I'm at Bukit Raja. What if this is a robbery attempt?

At that point I was almost crying.

Him: Are you in a secluded place? Are there people nearby?

Oh. Right.

I was in such a panic I forgot to look around. Only then did I notice that there were actually a group of men right across the road who was watching the whole thing. I felt a slight relief.

Me: Err.. Ok actually I am at the shophouses area and there are a lot of people around. So what do I do now?

Him: Get his license plate number, handphone number and go to the police station to file a report bla bla bla...

To be honest I couldn't really register anything he said. I just wanted him to be there.

Me: Sayang.. I can't do this.. 

Him: Ok I'll come get you.

Seeing that I was in an open area, in broad daylight, and with male witnesses around, I figured that it was safe to get out of the car. So I got out and walked towards the guy. I noticed that he had a cast on his right hand. He apologised profusely and admitted that it was his fault. He was driving with a broken arm and he was trying to fetch his phone that fell when he hit me. 

He then suggested that we make a move to the police station in Sungai Kapar Klang, which is like so damn far from where we were.

Again, warning bells went off in my head (I'm paranoid like that).

So I said, "Why don't we go to the police station in Shah Alam. It's just 5 minutes from here".

He said, "No we can't, because the report has to be made at the police station in the area where the accident happened."

I could feel my face heat up. Right, so THAT'S why he wanted to go to Sungai Kapar. Oh god, he must think that I am a complete bimbo. 

I told him that I was going to wait for my husband. He said fine he would go and make the report first. We exchanged details and I went home to wait for Nadri.

When he arrived home, he asked me to change into something less bimbotic before we went to the police station. He doesn't want the police to think that I am an airhead who can't drive. Geez, I was wearing a proper work dress, not a hot pink suit like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde for God's sake.  

Honestly, if I wasn't so rattled by the whole situation I would have kicked his ass.

Anyway thank god he accompanied me because I was just clueless. When we were making the report the police asked me what was damaged. I said, "You know, that black thing under the bumper."


Saturday, June 8, 2013

We've Been Married How Long Again Now?

During lunch on our anniversary 2 weeks ago:

Nadri: Wow I can't believe we've 
           been married for 5 years already.

Tia: I know right. Wait, what? 
Did you say FIVE years?

Nadri: Yeah, why?

Tia: This is our SIXTH year! 
*giving him the death stare*

Nadri: No, five la sayang! 
            Sigh.. I can't believe you forgot.

Tia: No way. We got married in 2007. 
   So that makes this year the 6th year.

Nadri: We got ENGAGED in July 2007. 
             The wedding was in May 2008.

(He said that with absolute confidence and while shaking his head disappointedly at me. So I started to doubt myself.)

Tia: Oh my god, really? Wow I can't believe 
I've been wrong all this while...

Nadri: I nak merajuk la macam ni. 

Tia: Wait a minute... We graduated from Melbourne Uni in 2009. 
That means we went there in 2007. 
Which means that we DID get married in 2007. 
Ha! I was right!!!

Nadri: Errr.. Nooooo. 
            We graduated in 2010! Right?

(Now he was the one who was starting to doubt himself)

Tia: No. We came back to Malaysia in 2009.
 Then I started working with PwC in 2010.

Nadri: But I remember..

Tia: Give it up dude. You're digging your own grave.

At first I wanted to make a scene about it but then I thought, hey this actually benefits me. From now on he can never argue with me because I can just say, "How can you be so sure? You don't even remember how long we've been married."