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Saturday, May 18, 2013


Today marks the 6th year of us being Mr & Mrs. 

Some of you have asked me how did I know that he was the one. 

"Sometimes, what a girl does is push the guy away to see if he'll still come back to her to test how much he actually wants to be with her. So be the guy who will call her back when she hangs up on you out of frustration. Be the guy who will chase after her when she walks away from you out of anger. Be the guy who will comfort her when she's too stubborn to tell you what's wrong. Be the guy to reassure her when she's jealous that the other girl means nothing. Be the guy who will fight for her when she's too afraid to stay in a relationship. Be the guy who will prove to her that she's able to trust someone. When she feels certain you're the one, that's when she'll stop pushing." - Kanye West

This describes Nadri to the core.

The thing about me is, I have major trust issues and I am a commitment-phobe. Which is why I broke up with my ex. He fought for me for a while, and then after a few months he gave up. So I moved on. 

Then I met Nadri. 

Now this guy just won't quit. I have done everything to push him away but he just kept coming back. I've stormed off, I've hung up the phone, I've ignored his calls (when we fight I wait when he has called me exactly a hundred times before I even consider picking up the phone), I've given him the the silent treatment (one time it lasted for a month), I've screamed at him, I've said some not-so-nice things, I've broken up with him..

But he always came back. Even I wonder why someone would want to be with me after all the shits that I have thrown his way for 4 freaking years. Even I wanted to break up with myself -_-"

And then, he asked me to marry him.

I know that I am a very difficult person. I need someone who knows how to handle my craziness, my temper, my ego and someone who would lose on purpose when we're playing a game because I am a sore loser haha.

Nadri is just all that, and more.

He really takes care of me, he is always worried for me, he's there whenever I need him, he listens, he makes me laugh like no one else and he really just wants to see me happy. Until today, he has proven that nothing is more important than me. Although sometimes he would prefer to play PS3 but that's okay because that's when I shop online hehe.

I still remember when we got married and we boarded the plane to Melbourne, he said to me with a worried look on his face, "I hope I will be able to take care of you because it will just be the two of us there." 

To be honest I was worried too. But for 2 years he really showed me that he is a responsible husband, despite being only 22. He took care of me, he did the laundry, the washed the dishes, he took out the garbage every night, he helped me cook, sometimes he cooked for me (he burnt the anchovies once, the whole apartment was in smoke. While he opened the window and frantically tried to get the smoke out, my first instinct was to run into our bedroom to save my Chanel bag which was lying on the bed).

We've come a longggg way and I feel so blessed that after all these years we still find happiness in each other and I hope that it stays that way forever, insyaAllah. 

Happy anniversary sayang. The first (and the last) guy I have ever said "I love you" to.


  1. tia,mind nadri propose u? and did u still contact with ur ex?

    1. The proposal was very simple, he just popped the question. Nothing fancy :) I have my ex on Facebook but we don't contact each other.

  2. Hahaha...funny!

  3. Awww Nadri would drown in tears if he reads this! So sweet la both of you. And you're so lucky that you've found a guy like him which i think does not exist nowadays. :') Happy Anni, Tia. - Tasha

    1. He read this and he was like, "Sayang, why didn't you say that YOU were the one who chased after ME?" Hahahahahha. Yup I agree, people always say he's the lucky one but to me it's the opposite :) Thank you Tasha! You're always such a doll. Hugs!