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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Making Choices and Taking Risks

Last night we decided to watch Johnny English. Mainly because I didn't want to watch something heavy, but also because that was the movie that we watched on our first date 10 years ago. You can read about that here

A lot of memories came flooding back while watching that movie. Who would have thought that we would end up here. Almost 6 years married, and with a baby girl. All because of a chance encounter 11 years ago in Sabah. 

Nadri and I met in Sabah during a bowling tournament for MSSM. He represented Selangor and I represented Perlis (because I was studying in MRSM Beseri in Perlis at the time). To be honest the only reason I decided to join the bowling team was because we could go to Alor Setar for our weekend outings since there were no bowling alleys in Perlis for us to practice. No offence, but there was nothing in Kangar! If I walk for 20 minutes, I would end up in the same place. That's how small Kangar town is. And the only mall they had was The Store T_T

Sabah being a venue for the tournament was also a reason I decided to join the bowling team. We got to skip school for a week AND we got an all-expense-paid trip to Sabah AND we got RM 50 pocket money from Menteri Besar Perlis, whose son was on the team as well (I was 15 years old, RM 50 was a LOT to me ok lol). So that's basically how Nadri and I ended up being in the same place at the same time.

The funny thing was, the guy I had a crush on (who ended up being my first boyfriend not long after the trip) was also on the same bowling team. So there I was in Sabah, butterflies in my stomach and sparks flying while hanging out with this guy that I liked. I saw no one else. But Nadri saw me. And to cut the story short, I found out that he likes me and when he asked for my number, I gave it to him just to mess with boyfriend's head and make him jealous. Again, I was FIFTEEN so no judging hahahaha.

Nadri and I exchanged a few texts but nothing happened because I was madly in love with the other guy. I totally forgot about Nadri after that. Then in August 2002, I decided to quit MRSM after 8 months there. I was bullied by my seniors and I just got tired of it. I went back to my old high school SMKSSAAS in Shah Alam. 

I joined the bowling club for extra-curricular activity. Then in 2003 I represented my school in a bowling tournament for MSSS which was held at Sunway Pyramid Megalanes. And that was when I met Nadri again because he was training with the Malaysian bowling squad at the same bowling alley. The rest as they said, is history.

It's amazing where life takes you, based on the choices that you make. 

I almost didn't go to MRSM Beseri because I was the only one from my school who got a placement there. But in the end at the very last minute, I decided to go. If I didn't join the bowling team, I wouldn't have met Nadri in the first place in Sabah. If I didn't quit MRSM, I wouldn't have bumped into Nadri at the bowling alley in Sunway Pyramid. 

If I did things differently, if I had made different choices, I wouldn't be here today.

The thing about me is, I am not afraid of change or making drastic decisions, and I am willing to take risks. Especially if I am unhappy with a situation. 

When I decided to quit MRSM, my parents were against it and the principal wanted to give me all kinds of privileges to convince me to stay. But I knew what I wanted and my heart was set. So I packed all my bags, and took the flight home. Just like that. And sure enough, I was happier back in my old school, I got good results for SPM and I was reunited with the guy whom I ended up marrying.

Then my dad wanted me to take medicine, so I spent a year in PASUM @ University Malaya, decided that I hated it, and told them that I wanted to switch to a different path. So I went to UiTM and did my Diploma in Accountancy under the Fastrak Programme. And that led to me furthering my studies in Melbourne University for my degree.

After I graduated, I joined PricewaterhouseCoopers as an auditor. I gave 24 hours notice after 2 months because it was such a nightmare. But I was convinced to stay so I decided to give it another shot. The situation got better but I still didn't love the job itself. I dreaded going to work. I had no motivation to actually care about what I was doing. I was so unhappy and that's just not the way to live. So I quit 6 months after that. I had no back up plans and no other job offers at the time. All I knew was I hated what I was doing and I was not going to waste my time there. 

A month after that I joined Public Mutual, with no background in sales whatsoever. When I first came to the agency, I saw all the nice cars parked outside, I saw all the designer bags, I saw how they were all dressed up in suits and dresses and how the ladies were all made up. I finally felt like I belong hahaha (In PwC, I curled my hair and I got weird stares -_-). 

I was lucky enough to be introduced to the number one agency in the company so I had a lot of amazing leaders to learn from. I doubted myself at first because I was an incredibly shy person. How was I supposed to approach high profile people and make a pitch? But then again, I am VERY materialistic (don't judge, at least I like to get stuffs on my own ok). And this seems like the perfect job for me because it gives me the opportunity to earn as much as I wanted to. I just needed to have the motivation and the right guidance. Besides, if someone who can't even speak a word in English or didn't even go to college is earning 5 to 6 figures a month, why can't I? So I went for it.

Best decision of my life. 

Today, I am one of the lucky ones who can say that I truly love what I do. 

Basically my life has been a result of taking chances and having faith that Allah would guide me to the right path. Sometimes when I look back, even I'm surprised at how I could have made those kinds of decisions. Like deciding to get married at the age of 20 hehe. I am thankful that at the age of 26, I have managed to cross off a lot of things on my list. There's still a long way to go though, and more risks to take. Bring it on!


  1. i didnt realise u stay quite some times at mrsm, what did your seniors do? i didnt recall any bullying activities, feel bad for u.

    1. They female seniors gave me a hard time because I had coloured hair.

      They went into my room when I wasn't there, went through my personal stuffs, found my photo album, then called me into their room where I just stood there alone while all of them surrounded me and scolded me because I didn't wear a headscarf when I was back home for mid year break (they saw my pictures in the album). Seriously? *rolls eyes*

      I got hate mails.

      The last straw was when I went to the night prep, and saw that my table had been turned upside down, my books and stationeries were all over the floor, and they wrote some stuffs on the whiteboard with permanent marker. This was done my the male seniors. They were pissed off because I ignored their letters and advances. I knew this because one of the guys who did it eventually became my friend after I left MRSM and told me about it.

      It wasn't that bad, they didn't physically harm me or anything :)

  2. Hi Tia

    Can you probably write an entry to further elaborate on your job? Sounds interesting but I'm not sure where to start.

    I love reading your blog, keep writing! :)

    1. Hi there,

      Thank you :)

      Please refer to my latest entry and if you're interested you can email me at

  3. Hi Tia,

    I love your self-thought. This post really makes me smile.Uih know why, I teringat masa kita jumpa kt Wangsa Maju, I wanted to know about unit trust, u explained to me blabla, the best part I still ingat u mentioned psl materialistik :)

    You are super honest, lepas tu, I suka your spirit sampai terbagi Higoat milk sbb teringat you tgh preggy masa tu :)

    Hope we can meet up again pretty lady !!
    Maybe you can conduct your kwn class regarding unit trust ;)

    Ezyan Izzati

    1. Hello! Yes I still remember that meeting very clearly hehe. It was a pleasure to meet you. Take care hun! XXX

  4. Tia! Can I contact you directly as in whatsapp? I have similar problem but I still don't dare to take the risk to quit my job.. would love to chat with you and get your opinions

    1. Hello there! Drop me an email k? :)

  5. Hi tia, can i ask you what is the pros&cons after u quit mrsm system? For example did they blacklist our name for scholarship or anything else?