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Thursday, April 11, 2013


Nadri and I just love to shop for Alayna. I don't even shop for myself much now (it's true, don't believe what Nadri says. Or the Pos Laju guy) because I would rather get something for her. We used to say that we don't want to spoil her, and that we would only let her buy one thing at a time. But man, that is easier said than done.. For the parents

Some days Nadri would go crazy and want to buy the whole store so I have to be the bad cop and tell him no and to pick only one toy while he sulks. Honestly, who's the baby now?

On the other hand, some days I feel like Alayna needs to have her own designer bag. And Nadri would have to drag me out of Chanel kicking and screaming. 

How adorable is this? Syg, don't you love our baby??? *betrayed look*

Every time we come home with Toys R Us or Zara or Mothercare paper bags, my mom would start lecturing us about, well, I have no idea about what actually because I wasn't listening. 

But just to avoid the lecture altogether, we try to find a reason every time we buy her something. For example last week, she had a fall and 2 minutes after that we found ourselves in the car, on the way to the nearest mall and came home looking like Santa's little helpers.

Two days ago, we took her to her paeds for her jab. As usual Nadri would be the one holding her down while I hide in the doctor's room and pray to God. Alayna cried when the needle pricked her, and so did I.

Obviously we had to get Alayna (and myself) something for her our bravery. So we bought this:

Trying to catch the water coming out from the sprinkler lol

How not to give her everything that she wants? Sigh.

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