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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Online Shopping

Did a small stint for NST Life & Times last week. I was so busy I forgot to update . The topic was online shopping. Kind of my forte XD

Here's the full article, taken from NST Online:

TIA Hakim’s first brush with online shopping happened when she was studying in Melbourne in 2007. She was amazed to find that most of the stores at the malls there offer online shopping services.
“My first purchase was a winter coat from Valley Girl, an Australian brand. I made the purchase in the comfort of my  pyjamas, on my bed, and it arrived at my apartment two days later. The whole process was convenient, fast and very easy. Needless to say, I was hooked from then on,” says  Tia.
After graduating with a double major in accounting and finance from the University of Melbourne, Tia became an auditor at one of the Big 4 accounting firms. Today, at 26, she is a financial consultant with Public Mutual, a blogger and mum to a 16-month-old daughter.
“My job requires me to be out and about meeting people every day. So I tend to shop online via my phone while waiting for  clients. My main phone is a BlackBerry but I have a Samsung Galaxy Note as a second phone just so that I can browse on a  bigger screen. But having said that, I actually prefer browsing and purchasing at home using the MacBook because it’s easier,” she says.
So far, Tia has bought clothes, shoes, cosmetics, accessories, electronics and even dessert online.
“I buy them from both local and international sellers. The usual payment methods are bank transfer, credit card and PayPal,” she says.
Tia makes an online purchase almost every day! “Sometimes, a few purchases a day. Even the courier knows me now. I do set aside a monthly budget but the amount varies from time to time,” she says.
Of her online shopping experience, Tia says the best is always when dealing with online shops that give amazing customer service.
“For example, Fashion Valet ( sent me the wrong item once. After I informed them, they told me to keep the wrong item and they immediately sent me the correct one. Most online shops would require you to post the wrong item back to them. The worst experience was when my parcel got lost in the mail and when the item is not exactly as pictured or described,” she says.
Online shopping saves a lot of time, says Tia, provided you already know what you’re looking for.
She says: “You can just search for something in particular instead of going through racks and racks of clothes from one store to another. I shop less at physical stores now, which is great news to my husband because it means no more long hours of sitting and staring at his phone while I pile on him clothes that I want to try or buy.”  
Tia says it pays to browse through a few online shops before making a purchase.
“Sometimes you can find the exact item elsewhere but at a much cheaper price. Online shopping can also be very addictive so keeping track of your purchases is a must,” she says.

Top: Whitesoot
Gold metal plate belt: Fashion Valet
Skirt: House of Eight @ Publika

I'm letting the go the top for RM 20 and skirt for RM 40. Both worn twice only, as posted on my Instagram last night. Selling them because I don't like wearing the same stuffs haha. I'm currently spring cleaning my wardrobe so I will post more pictures of clothes I'm letting go on Instagram as and when I have the time. 


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