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Monday, April 8, 2013

Fashion Night Out

I have been searching for sequinned pants and I found the perfect pair! Wore it last Wednesday night when I attended Zakwan Anuar's Fall/Winter 2013/2014 fashion show at KLPac.

One of my fav colour combinations: Pink, white & black

I'm only 168 cm but this picture makes me look like I'm at least 175 cm. It's all about the angle you guys! Haha.

I didn't have time to do my hair because I was super late that night. Had to pin my bangs too. But luckily my hair is short now so it still looks fine (to me la ok lol). If my hair is waist length like before, I need to style it otherwise my hair will look like Kak Limah's.

Since Nadri is not into this kind of stuff, I asked Syafiq to be my plus one for the night.  Had a great time catching up with him and he had an even better time telling me all about his upcoming month long Euro trip at the end of this month, while I turned greener and greener every time mentioned a country that he is going to visit. London, Paris, Amsterdam, Monaco.. Really, I just wanted to slap his face.

If you think you're skinny, try standing next to my sister -____-

Anyway, it was a really good show. My phone's camera takes about 10 seconds to snap, so all of my runway pictures are super blurry. I'll just post pictures that I found on Instagram for your viewing pleasure. 

Syomir Izwa was there

Models' hair and make up by Shengsaw

Can you spot me? ;)

Check out what the girl's wearing. So hot! She reminds me of Rihanna.

I wanted to snap a picture with Mizz Nina (who looked incredibly gorgeous upfront) and Sheila Majid, but then right after the show the host said that there are food outside so I had to get my priorities straight...

Happy Tia


  1. Omg i am sooo in love with the way you dressed, Tia. I hope you're going to post a lot of beauty and fashion related stuff after this. Not to forget, the hair tutorial hehe. And btw where did you get the sequinned pants? Gorgeous! -tasha-

    1. Thanks Tasha! I got the pants from H&M :) Hugs!