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Monday, March 4, 2013

Random Midnight Makeover

Last Friday night after his futsal session, Nadri saw that he had a few missed calls from my Diy and a text from her asking him to tell me to call her back because of something urgent (ever since Alayna my phone is perpetually on silent mode).

He arrived home at 1am, opened the door, and saw me, Diy, Shazs and Reen in the living room.

Putting make up on each other.

"This is what's urgent?", he rolled his eyes. 

My friend Shazs who's working in Melbourne, recently came back for 2 weeks. Since she was so busy squeezing everyone in for catch up sessions during her short stay, she hardly had any free time before 11pm. So I suggested late supper but Diy wanted to play makeover, which explains why they were all at my house at 12 midnight armed with their make up bags.

MUA terlampau
I did Shazs' make up
She wanted this look.  

My make up by Shazs
Diy & Reen experimented with the colors in Urban Decay's Vice Palette. 

"Hey, we should camwhore using the macbook. Got timer!" 
Let's go to sleep for real guys, it's 5 a.m already

I finally crawled into bed at about 5.30 am. Good times.

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