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Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm Now a Grandmother

Everyone knows that I'm not a cat person. I am that annoying girl who would scream for her life whenever a cat brushes past her legs under the table at food stalls.

But then something happened last year.

Nadri and I had just came back from dinner. It was raining heavily that night. We got out of the car and heard a cat meowing. It was this really tiny kitten that was soaking wet, shivering and looked completely terrified. Turns out that it was the same stray kitten that wandered near our house earlier that day, my brother had fed him, he went away and I guess he came back when it started to rain.

I went to get my brother and asked him to find a big box for the kitten. We put some clean sheets inside and put the kitten in. He was so scared he started scratching frantically at the box, trying to get out. Usually I would have just gone inside the house and carry on with my life and let my brother deal with it. But maybe it was the hormones (I was pregnant with Alayna at the time), maybe it was my slowly developing maternal instincts, but I just could not bear seeing the kitten like that. So I went to a pet shop near my house, and bought a cage and cat food. 

That night, I was on the computer google-ing everything that I needed to know about kittens. How to feed them, how to clean them, how to potty-train them, the dos and don'ts. All the while, it was still raining heavily and the kitten was meowing non-stop :(

The next day, I went to the pet shop again to buy more stuffs that I found to be useful from my extensive research the night before.

I gave him milk and I fed him.
I cleaned up his poop.
I played with him. 

Ok la. That's not entirely true. What actually happened was:

I prepared her milk and food, I put them in front of his cage, I opened the cage, and quickly ran away.
I made my brother clean up his litter box.
I watched my brother play with him while I sit on the chair nearby with my legs up.

Whatever. It's almost the same thing.

Anyway, I literally fell in love with the kitten. He was like my baby. Even my family teased me about it. They said he is like my eldest child. Alayna is my second. I was so obsessed with it, wanting to make sure that he was okay and happy (but at the same time still scared of it and made sure that I was at least a few metres away when he's out of the cage). The first thing that I would do when I wake up everyday was to check on him. I even prepared a schedule for my brother who was in charge of taking care of the kitten when I was off to work. 

We decided to name him Muharram. We have a few stray cats at home that we kind of 'adopted'. They only come by for feedings. Each of them are named after the months in the Islamic Calendar. There was this one cat that came to us during the fasting month so we called him Ramadhan. Another one came during raya so we called him Syawal. We also have Safar and Rejab. Hence the name Muharram.

But then we later found out that Muharram is actually a female cat, and Muharram is such a masculine name. So we called him Kak Muharram LOL.

Muharram got pregnant recently. Yesterday, she gave birth.

It was one of the most traumatising experiences of my life.

Yesterday morning she was meowing more than usual. She stood in front of the door, wanting to come in (cats are not allowed in the house). I thought she was just hungry so I didn't give it any second thought.

At about 3 p.m I took Alayna into our room to put her down for her nap. When Alayna was asleep, I got up from the bed and saw Muharram's head peeking out from my wardrobe! I was so surprised I screamed. She was even more surprised to see me. Then she started meowing REALLY loud that it woke Alayna up from her nap. I rushed to Alayna and Muharram came out of my wardrobe to get out from the room.

And thats when I saw it.

A kitten is halfway out from her behind.

She was in the in the middle of a birthing process.

Oh.. My.. God..

Are you freaking kidding me?? I almost passed out. Can you imagine watching a cat trying to get out of your room while half of a kitten's body is dangling from its behind????? I'm pretty sure I'm scarred for life.

I called for my brother. He freaked out as well. We had no idea what to do. Poor Muharram was so scared trying to get away, and at the same time she was trying to get her baby who was coming out so she was like walking around in circles.

My brother's room is next to mine. So he opened the door and let Muharram in. Then we called my aunt who's a cat expert coz we had no idea what to do. She told us to just leave Muharram in the room for now and let her finish her business. All of us were so shocked by the whole thing.

Later that day, at about 6 p.m, I was in my room playing Candy Crush (damn you level 135!!!). I heard a high pitched meow. I was like, awww Muharram's baby! I went to get my brother and both of us stood in front of his room, ears against the door, trying to catch another cute meow from the kitten.

We heard the meow again, louder this time.


Wait a sec...

It didn't sound like it was coming from my brother's room!

And then it hit me...

I ran to my room, and sure enough, the sound was coming from inside my wardrobe!!!!!

Which means that Muharram had already given birth in it when I was putting Alayna to sleep earlier and then tried to run away when she saw me.

I honestly wanted to cry at that point because I was just thinking about the poor kitten all alone and scared and hungry for at least 2 hours after she was born. And she was calling for her mommy. My Aunty Long was here, she was the bravest among us all, so we made her get the kitten and give it to Muharram who was in my brother's room.

The good news is, that kitten survived. The bad news is, the one that had half of its body hanging out while Muharram tried to get away, didn't. In total Muharram had 3 kittens but only 2 made it.

So yeah, this is the story of how I became a grandmother to two beautiful kittens.

Picture stolen from my sister's FB


  1. meet maru!

    1. OMG so cuteeeee!! I was laughing so hard at the box part. Thanks for the link =D

  2. Sis, your case is same with me!! Im a cat- hater before this, same like u I will ran away like 100 m sprint if I saw a cat try to approched me, but untill one day my mom brought this kitten, she found at road wondering around, meowing. I was afraid at first but then now he's like my son. Haha. First thang I do after wake up is to check on him. Now i'm a reallllly a cat- lover :)

    1. Hahahahaha so funny la u. Yay ada geng! I hope your 'baby' is doing well :)

  3. I bet kak Muharram dah la tengah panic nak beranak, you pegi jerit pulak, lagi la dia panic! kesiannye..! hahaha

    anyways, I puji sikap you, even you are not a cat person, you jage & google & siap beli kan sangkar & all the food when she was a kitten ;) good job Tia :D

    1. Hahaha tu la pasal! I feel bad sebab buat dia panic sampai dia nak lari keluar bilik.

      Thank you, I guess my maternal instincts have started to kick in already at the time hehe.