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Sunday, March 24, 2013


Me: Syg, you have to take me out tonight. I need to get a new highlighter. Mine is finished.

Him: A highlighter? It's ok, I'll get it for you. I'm going to pump petrol later anyway. I'll drop by the stationeries shop at Section 2. Which colour do you want?

Me: *stares at him in disbelief and then laughs like a hyena* 

I was talking a bout this:

A face highlighter. Men, take note.

He thought I meant this:

He cracks me up all the time haha.


  1. kak yong!!angah baca blog kak yong n this one betul2 buat angah tergelak sakit perut..hakhakhak..sgt kelakar okayyyy!!!!!!!

    1. Haha! Ky pun gelak gile bila dia ckp mcm tu. Dia blur je -_-

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