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Friday, March 22, 2013

Candy Madness

Here's why I haven't updated my blog as regularly as I'd like to:

1. I'm swamped with work

2. The macbook is being repaired. 

Well, I do have this Acer laptop that I'm using, but it's true what they say: Once you go Mac, you never go back. I have officially become a Macbook snob -_-

Anyway, one day I turned on the Mac and saw this:

I freaked out. Posted that pic on Facebook and someone commented that the screen is damaged *cries blood* Nadri and I had no idea what could have caused it. Just the night before it was perfectly fine. It didn't fall or anything. 

So we came to a conclusion that Alayna did it.

She's at that phase where she likes to step/sit on things, even me. One time we caught her sitting on the Mac. She must have done it again when we were not looking.

It has been 10 days since we sent it for repair. Hope we'll get it back soon :(

3. But the biggest reason of all, is this:

It all started 2 weeks back. My friends were talking about this game in our chatroom, asking for lives (didn't make sense to me at the time), and saying how this person spent over USD100 for this game. I was like whaaaaaaaat. You people are nuts. It's just a stupid game! They told me to give it a shot. So I did. 

I really wish I didn't.

Because playing Candy Crush is all that I do now. Right after I wake up, in the car while waiting for the engine to warm up, at the traffic light, while eating, while waiting for my client, while putting Alayna to sleep, before I sleep.

Even when I was with my client and he had to take a call, the only thing that went through my mind was "Sempat main satu level ni." (I could totally complete one level).

 It's madness.

Nadri noticed my obsession and told me that I was being silly. I made him download the app and try. 

Now both of us sleep at 3am everyday playing this game. We don't even talk anymore when we go out to eat because we're both busy crushing candies and saying a lot of bad words while we're at it. 

For a candy game, it can get really bloody stressful. Especially at the stages where there are these annoying chocolates that keep on popping up and eating up all your super power candies. I hate chocolates in general now.

And just when you thought it cant get any worse than those damn evil chocolates, the developer decided to throw in some ticking time bombs to make our lives even more miserable. I swear I almost threw my phone to the wall on multiple occasions. 

And yet, I can't stop. It's strangely addictive, Maybe it's the fact that you only get limited lives, or maybe it's the fact that you can connect to Facebook and see where you/your friends are so that you can outplay each other and say "Ha! I'm at level 102 now while you've been stuck at level 98 for four days. LOOOOSER!" Lol.

Speaking of limited lives, I have found a way to cheat!!! Patience is really not one of my strong points so waiting for 30 minutes to get one life or waiting for your friends to give you life (one time I called a friend at 4am to give me life) just don't jive with me. And thank god that for some reason every time I tried to buy lives, they rejected my card. Otherwise I would probably beat that girl who spent USD100 for this game.

The cheat allows you to get unlimited lives. And all you have to do is change the time or date of your phone forward! And voila! Max 5 lives. Repeat the process once you have run out of lives again. 

Ok that's all for now. I'm gonna continue playing. Been stuck at level 116 the whole day. Time to crush some motherf***** chocolates BYE!


  1. whoaaa thank you for the cheat tips! xoxo

    1. This is why i dont request for lives from u or anybody else anymore hahahah.