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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Time Out

At about 1.30 am last night a friend whatsapp-ed me. I told her that I was driving and that I would text her later. 

"Where are you going at this hour?", she asked. 

I said I was heading home from dinner with friends. She was like, don't you have a baby?? 

Believe me, I get that a lot. Especially from my mom. She doesn't understand why I would need to go hang out with my friends. Now that I have Alayna, she doesn't get it even more. 

She always say, "Look at me, I don't hang out with my friends. I see them at work and that's it. I love being at home with my family. You're married/a mother. Act like it/one."

Ok first of all, mom, you're 50. I'm 26 (oh god I'm twenty six T_T). Of course you don't hang out lol.

Second of all, not all marriages are the same. It's nice that my parents spend all their free time together   and I'm sure there are a lot of other couples out there like that, but Nadri & I happen to like having our own space once in a while. Not the kind of space like in Sex & The City 2 where Big suggested to Carrie that they get 2 days off a week from their marriage to do whatever they want :O

Don't get me wrong, we love each other's company, it's just that there are times where we wanna do our own things separately. Like when he wanted to go mountain biking with his colleagues. He invited me of course but both he and I knew the answer to that. Me + sports shoes + jungle + bugs + sweat? Are you kidding me bro? Plus I'm sure he would have more fun mountain biking without having his wife whining to go home every 5 seconds. 

He doesn't restrict me from doing the things that I enjoy too, like having sleepover parties or karaoke until 5am or go on road trips etc. He even let me go on holidays with my friends without him (obviously he doesn't get the same privilege when it comes to this lol). Honestly this is one of the things that I love the most about him and our marriage. 

So yeah, even though I was married at 20, I never felt tied down because I just wasn't. The only difference between single me and married me is the fact that there is a boy sleeping in my bed hahaha. 

Before I gave birth to Alayna, I told him that I didn't want our whole lives to revolve around her. I mean, of course she is the priority but we still need to have quality time just the two of us as well as our own space, like what we had at the time. He agreed with me. 

But that, is easier said that done folks. Because both Nadri & I are obsessed with Alayna. We are such clingy parents I tell you. Sometimes we're like ok lets leave her for a few hours to catch a movie. Then we'd pass her to the maid and say goodbye and got into the car and then look at each other and one of us would say, "You know what, let's take her to buy toys instead". 

Like last Saturday.

We had breakfast at Levain and brought Alayna.

 Top: Nadri's skull t-shirt
Jeans: Forever 21 (only RM49 say whattttt)
Aviators: Gucci

Then we took her to a wedding..

Top: MNG
Skirt: FashionValet

Alayna's baju kurung: Whimsigirl Design

Then we thought of going out for high tea just the two of us but we ended up taking her swimming instead.

Luckily Alayna sleeps early at around 8pm, which gives Nadri & I some time every night to go out for dinner or just hang out. But we always  go somewhere near like Setia Mall or Empire Mall because we don't want to be away from her for so long. God, she's going to be so annoyed with us when she's a teenager. 

Having said that, we don't have a problem leaving her if either one of us stays at home though. So sometimes Nadri would go and do his stuffs while I spend time with Alayna. And he'd do the same when I need to go do my thang, like last night. Good thing I trained him from the very beginning on how to change/bathe/feed/put Alayna to sleep, which means that I could go out for long hours knowing  that Alayna is in good hands with her papa.

I love being a wife and mom but I need my me time once in a while. Nothing wrong with that right? :)

Last night


  1. takpe tia..i yg single pun suka je kalau kawan2 i yg dah kahwin dapat spend time skali sekala..nak jugak jumpe diorang n hang out macam dulu2.. :)

    1. Kannn. I pun rindu my friends jugak walaupun ada husband hehe.

  2. WORD. Balance is important. We need time for ourselves too. ;)

  3. You are having a great life, i tell you.
    Omg! Wish i can have like that too, in my future.
    Btw this year, i'm 20 and not married yet. Lol :p

    1. Hey hun

      Thank u! My life is not perfect but I make the best of what I have :)
      I'm sure you will have your own amazing adventure with your significant other. Enjoy being 20! =D

  4. smart parenting+quality life=happy marriage

  5. akhirnye..ade jugak org yg befikiran sama mcm i..i feel better now.