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Sunday, February 24, 2013

The (second) Love of My Life

If you've been following me on Twitter, you'd know that I have this huge crush on...

Yusry KRU.


I'm serious though. I have been truly, madly, deeply in love with him since I was 7.  I met him twice last year and I swear to God I became a retarded person. I could not even construct a simple sentence. I went completely blank. I just smiled and focused on trying not to faint.

When he got married to Lisa, I was crying my eyes out in front of the TV, thinking that it should be me and hoping that someone would dramatically object to the wedding.

Yesterday, 23rd February 2013, was their first wedding anniversary. It didn't help at all that Yusry made a surprise dedication to that woman on national radio and sang a song he personally wrote for her  *cries blood*

I quickly text my friend Fara who is just as crazy about him. We were yapping on and on and on about how this is all so torturous and unfair and that we love him wayyy before Lisa did (because she first noticed Yusry in the Terhangat di Pasaran video. Come on, we've loved him since zaman Awas & Mengerti ok!!!).

All the while Nadri was lying down next to me and reading the whole thing lol.

Me: Syg, it's such a sad day.. Yusry should be with meeeee.

Him: Would you marry him if you have to be the second wife?

Me: In a heartbeat.

Him: Hmm you're right, coz you'd be the 'new' wife. Ok how about this. Would you marry him if you know he'll marry again after he marries you?

Me: Of course!

My husband is chill like that.

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