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Instagram Pictures

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Random Picture Updates

I'm always busy towards the end of every month because of work deadlines, hence the lack of updates. So for now I'm just gonna post some pictures taken recently. 

Izzie got engaged! =D

The girls. Photo credit to Diy's note 2. Fail -_-

In the spirit of CNY

Red caftan bought in Mekah

Angela's CNY open house

3 crazy bag ladies and 2 guys who had to put up with our obsession

Took Alayna to the wildlife park

Sitting quietly in her cot reading before bedtime 

Russian red

Went to KLCC just for the pavlova at Ben's. SOLD OUT  again wtf

Ootd. Absolutely love these metallic spike heels.

Finally managed to score one at Ben's in Publika.

Someone had too much Ben & Jerry's

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