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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Typing With My Eyes Half Closed

This is going to be an update in bullet point form because I am going to fall asleep any second now so I want this post to be free & easy. 
  • I only had only 2 hours of sleep last night because I had to study for an exam today. Me, being the biggest procrastinator that I am, only started studying yesterday. 23 chapters in total.
  • He wouldn't let me take Redbull like I usually do when I was burning the midnight oil during uni days. Since I'm still nursing Alayna he said that she might get some of it and start bouncing up the wall. 
  • So I ended up getting my caffeine fix from Coke. It didn't help. I was so sleepy by 3 a.m I think I started hallucinating a bit. 
  • Stuck my head in the freezer for 20 seconds to keep myself awake. Found a tub of ice cream.
  • Had ice cream.
  • Started dozing off so I went to the freezer again, got some ice cubes, closed my eyes and pressed an ice cube on each eye lid. Didn't work either.
  • Stalked "DSSAKSSS" on Instagram (she's this really fabulous Indonesian lady who wears designer stuffs from head to toe and travels every other day. She's so major even Khloe Kardashian follows her!).
  • Continued studying. The Chanels and Hermes in that lady's pictures perked me up a bit.
  • By 4 a.m I decided to lie down for a while. I closed my eyes and told myself that I was going to count to 60 and then I would get crackin again.
  • The next thing I knew it was 6 a.m.
  • Completely freaked out! 
  • Studied - cooked for Alayna - studied - put Alayna to sleep - shower - studied some more - off to exam
  • I got a B :( OK la I am grateful I passed because I honestly thought that I was going to fail considering the effort that I put in, but man, seeing that B was like a slap to the face. I can't help it, I am a total nerd. Even an A- makes me cry and they are not tears of joy.
  • Got home and saw Alayna playing outside. She saw me, her whole face lit up, she let go of everything, and started giggling and calling for me. The pure unadulterated happiness on her face every time she sees me come home is just.. Indescribable. Who cares about getting a B? :')
Now if you'll excuse me, I have got some serious snoring to do. Goodnight!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The (second) Love of My Life

If you've been following me on Twitter, you'd know that I have this huge crush on...

Yusry KRU.


I'm serious though. I have been truly, madly, deeply in love with him since I was 7.  I met him twice last year and I swear to God I became a retarded person. I could not even construct a simple sentence. I went completely blank. I just smiled and focused on trying not to faint.

When he got married to Lisa, I was crying my eyes out in front of the TV, thinking that it should be me and hoping that someone would dramatically object to the wedding.

Yesterday, 23rd February 2013, was their first wedding anniversary. It didn't help at all that Yusry made a surprise dedication to that woman on national radio and sang a song he personally wrote for her  *cries blood*

I quickly text my friend Fara who is just as crazy about him. We were yapping on and on and on about how this is all so torturous and unfair and that we love him wayyy before Lisa did (because she first noticed Yusry in the Terhangat di Pasaran video. Come on, we've loved him since zaman Awas & Mengerti ok!!!).

All the while Nadri was lying down next to me and reading the whole thing lol.

Me: Syg, it's such a sad day.. Yusry should be with meeeee.

Him: Would you marry him if you have to be the second wife?

Me: In a heartbeat.

Him: Hmm you're right, coz you'd be the 'new' wife. Ok how about this. Would you marry him if you know he'll marry again after he marries you?

Me: Of course!

My husband is chill like that.

Random Picture Updates

I'm always busy towards the end of every month because of work deadlines, hence the lack of updates. So for now I'm just gonna post some pictures taken recently. 

Izzie got engaged! =D

The girls. Photo credit to Diy's note 2. Fail -_-

In the spirit of CNY

Red caftan bought in Mekah

Angela's CNY open house

3 crazy bag ladies and 2 guys who had to put up with our obsession

Took Alayna to the wildlife park

Sitting quietly in her cot reading before bedtime 

Russian red

Went to KLCC just for the pavlova at Ben's. SOLD OUT  again wtf

Ootd. Absolutely love these metallic spike heels.

Finally managed to score one at Ben's in Publika.

Someone had too much Ben & Jerry's

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Who Did It?

Something creepy happened last night. I woke up at 3.30 am because Alayna was hungry. While putting her back to sleep I played around with Nadri's phone. I saw that there was an email from me sent at 1.11 am. 

That's weird, I thought. Both of us slept at around 12 am.

There were actually 2 emails. One at 1.11am, which was a blank email. The second one was sent at 1.12am. With a picture attachment :O

My heart was pounding like crazy as I waited for the picture to load. 

It was a random picture of him.

I was quite spooked by the whole thing so I watched some videos on youtube to get my mind off it. When I drifted back to sleep, I had a dream about, well, ghosts. 

This morning when I checked my phone I saw that I had received the email too. The one that was sent at 1.11 am, the blank email.

I text Nadri about it. He checked both emails and then he said, wait, isn't that picture from my phone? 

So now the question is, who sent the picture from his phone to my phone and then emailed the picture back to him? Who sent us both the blank emails?

It didn't help the fact that Alayna was not sleeping well at all last night. She kept waking up and crying.

So scared :(

Nadri better not be playing some kind of a prank on me (he swore he had nothing to do with this) or I will burn his PS3.

Food Cravings

Two days ago, I woke up to an intense craving for this:

Ben's pavlova (and Alayna's Elmo)

So the 3 of us went all the way to Pavilion to have lunch at Ben's. We quickly ordered our usual mains and I asked the waiter if they had the pavlova to which he replied yes. I said that I wanted the dessert to be served now, twice. Off he went.

There I was, sitting with a huge smile on my face, already devouring the pavlova in my mind. I was practically drooling a puddle of the table. 15 minutes later our mains arrived. No pavlova. Fine. I started eating my tortillas. 

10 minutes after that, still no pavlova. I was starting to get shifty at that point. I called the waiter and asked her to check on it. She later came to me holding a menu with an apologetic look on her face.

Oh god, please don't say it...

"I'm sorry miss, the pavlova is finished", says the waiter while handing me the menu.

I wanted to whack her head with it.

I blamed her for giving me false hope. If she had said from the start that they had run out of pavlovas I probably wouldn't be so damn annoyed. 

It sucks when I have put in my mind that I was going to eat something but in the end I don't get it. Like if he goes to Rasta and I wait at home all excited for my crazee cheese nachos papa hotdog and then he tells me they're closed or have sold out. I just want to punch him.

Bun, cheese hotdog, chilli sauce, crushed nachos, jalapeƱo cheese sauce. Amazeballs.

I don't know why but foods just have this effect on me. Surely I'm not the only one?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Time Out

At about 1.30 am last night a friend whatsapp-ed me. I told her that I was driving and that I would text her later. 

"Where are you going at this hour?", she asked. 

I said I was heading home from dinner with friends. She was like, don't you have a baby?? 

Believe me, I get that a lot. Especially from my mom. She doesn't understand why I would need to go hang out with my friends. Now that I have Alayna, she doesn't get it even more. 

She always say, "Look at me, I don't hang out with my friends. I see them at work and that's it. I love being at home with my family. You're married/a mother. Act like it/one."

Ok first of all, mom, you're 50. I'm 26 (oh god I'm twenty six T_T). Of course you don't hang out lol.

Second of all, not all marriages are the same. It's nice that my parents spend all their free time together   and I'm sure there are a lot of other couples out there like that, but Nadri & I happen to like having our own space once in a while. Not the kind of space like in Sex & The City 2 where Big suggested to Carrie that they get 2 days off a week from their marriage to do whatever they want :O

Don't get me wrong, we love each other's company, it's just that there are times where we wanna do our own things separately. Like when he wanted to go mountain biking with his colleagues. He invited me of course but both he and I knew the answer to that. Me + sports shoes + jungle + bugs + sweat? Are you kidding me bro? Plus I'm sure he would have more fun mountain biking without having his wife whining to go home every 5 seconds. 

He doesn't restrict me from doing the things that I enjoy too, like having sleepover parties or karaoke until 5am or go on road trips etc. He even let me go on holidays with my friends without him (obviously he doesn't get the same privilege when it comes to this lol). Honestly this is one of the things that I love the most about him and our marriage. 

So yeah, even though I was married at 20, I never felt tied down because I just wasn't. The only difference between single me and married me is the fact that there is a boy sleeping in my bed hahaha. 

Before I gave birth to Alayna, I told him that I didn't want our whole lives to revolve around her. I mean, of course she is the priority but we still need to have quality time just the two of us as well as our own space, like what we had at the time. He agreed with me. 

But that, is easier said that done folks. Because both Nadri & I are obsessed with Alayna. We are such clingy parents I tell you. Sometimes we're like ok lets leave her for a few hours to catch a movie. Then we'd pass her to the maid and say goodbye and got into the car and then look at each other and one of us would say, "You know what, let's take her to buy toys instead". 

Like last Saturday.

We had breakfast at Levain and brought Alayna.

 Top: Nadri's skull t-shirt
Jeans: Forever 21 (only RM49 say whattttt)
Aviators: Gucci

Then we took her to a wedding..

Top: MNG
Skirt: FashionValet

Alayna's baju kurung: Whimsigirl Design

Then we thought of going out for high tea just the two of us but we ended up taking her swimming instead.

Luckily Alayna sleeps early at around 8pm, which gives Nadri & I some time every night to go out for dinner or just hang out. But we always  go somewhere near like Setia Mall or Empire Mall because we don't want to be away from her for so long. God, she's going to be so annoyed with us when she's a teenager. 

Having said that, we don't have a problem leaving her if either one of us stays at home though. So sometimes Nadri would go and do his stuffs while I spend time with Alayna. And he'd do the same when I need to go do my thang, like last night. Good thing I trained him from the very beginning on how to change/bathe/feed/put Alayna to sleep, which means that I could go out for long hours knowing  that Alayna is in good hands with her papa.

I love being a wife and mom but I need my me time once in a while. Nothing wrong with that right? :)

Last night

Friday, February 1, 2013

I Shouldn't Have

Oh my god what have I done.

What. Have. I. Done.

I should have known better, but curiosity got the better of me.

I just watched a video of the c-section procedure on Youtube, guys :(

The same procedure that I went through 13 months ago. I had no idea it is THAT gory and bloody and... God, I am at loss for words. I swear the moment the doctor made the first incision on the woman's belly, I clutched my own belly and cried until the end of the video. 

I don't think I will sleep well tonight.

From now on if he's mad at me, I am just going to make him watch this video. For sure he won't be angry anymore.

P/S: If you're an expecting mom, I suggest you don't watch this. Especially if you're a big fat chicken like yours truly.