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Friday, January 25, 2013

My Best Friend's Wedding & A Mini Project Runway

Alhamdulillah I am so happy my girl Diyana is officially Ezane's wife :')

The solemnization was on Friday, 18th January at Diy's parents' house. I was one of the bridesmaids. I was supposed to be there by 7.30 pm but I got there close to 8.30 pm.

Why was I late?

Well, I had a mini project runway moment at home.

You see, Diy gave me the kains (cloth) for our bridesmaid dresses before I left for London. But, I was so busy with a lot of things at the time I didn't manage to go see my tailor. When I came back, I thought I'd make a simple kurung because I'm just the bridesmaid anyway. But then on Thursday night during Diy's malam berinai, I found out that the other bridesmaids' dresses were totally not going to be low key at all. 

I panicked.

I told them that my baju is so damn simple but they didn't believe me. They were like, right, Tia's version of simple usually means its NOT. I guess because before this my traditional clothes were, well, not that simple.

So anyway, while getting ready on Friday night, I suddenly had an idea on how to add a lil somethin' somethin' to my baju. 

Photo credit to

I bought this beautiful House of Doll dress by our Malaysian celebrity Fazura from Fashiovalet not too long ago. This dress is the exact shade of our bridesmaid kain, so I thought, why not transfer those butterflies on the dress to my baju? This was at around 7.45pm so obviously I didn't have time to sew each of them on. What I did was, I just pinned them on from the inside using tiny safety pins. Ok la, so it didn't turn out to be amazing or anything (you'll see later) but at least it's not so plain.

Then I rushed off to Diy's. Omg the house looked so gorgeous! The white tents, the long sparkly chandeliers, and is that.. the sound of a live string quartet???? I felt like I was in a romance movie, somewhere in Paris. The string quartet really set the mood, everyone was complimenting on how amazing they were.

I walked up to the bride's room and Diy and the bridesmaids were still getting ready phew! Saw the hantarans (gifts for the groom) lined up on the floor. We were told that they were really heavy. Crap. I was in charge of carrying the one with a set of suit on it, which was one of the heaviest. Double crap. 

There was a fuss downstairs which meant that we groom's entourage have arrived. Diy was ready.

Beautiful :')

The bridesmaids lined up in order and were given a hantaran dulang (trays containing the gifts) each. Holy cow it was crazy heavy!! Apparently the trays were made of tembaga. The whole time I was walking I kept thinking don't fall please don't fall. Once we reached to the solemnization area and put down the hantarans, we sat right next to where the bride would be sitting. Best seats in the house yaw!

Alright enough yapping, I'm gonna let the pictures do all the talking. Pictures are from various sources since the bridesmaids were not allowed to take our phones with us.

Oh but before that, the funniest thing happened. The bride's dad took about 5 times to get the lafaz akad right, the groom only once. LOL.

The pelamin. Photo credit to Chenta Weddings

Photo credit to Chenta Weddings

Waiting for the bride to come down

Check out that draped dress by Nurita Harith. Mmg kalah la baju butterfly pin sendiri aku tu kan LOL.

Officially Mr & Mrs :')

My favorite picture!

Syafiq Diva

Love Izzie's silver kain!

Doing a video dedication for the newlyweds

Bride throwing the bouquet from upstairs. Mak orang tu la yang paling tak sedar diri kan hahahahhaha.

 I caught the bouquet by the way LOL.

 The reception was on the next day. But that would be another post.

Again, congrats Diy & Ezane! I wish you guys a lifetime of love and happiness. You're in Phuket now for your honeymoon, bring home a playdate for Alayna ok! Hehe.


  1. tia u hantar tailor kat mana? i tak pernah dpt tailor yg puas hati.

    1. My tailor dekat Shamelin Perkasa. If you want her contact details email me k :)

  2. This was at around 7.45pm so Wedding Photography  obviously I didn't have time to sew each of them on.

  3. I had chenta's touch for my pelamin a week before your bffs at carcosa seri negara... They r awesome!