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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I miss Melbourne :(

I bought something online last month which I have yet to receive. So I contacted the seller and she said she will give me the tracking details and said "unfortunately at this time of the year, shipping to Australia is really bad".

I freaked out because I had told her to ship to my Malaysian address, instead of my old Aussie address. So I emailed her again and while waiting for her reply, I googled the Aussie apartment that Nadri & I used to live in while we were studying in Melbourne to get the phone number, just in case the item was sent there and no one to pick it up.

Apparently the owner is selling the apartment. I found these pictures of the apartment from a listing on  a property website.  Can't help but feel all nostalgic and emotional when I look at them:


Picture from owner

This is where we used to sit and watch The Masterchef Australia on Friday nights and watch The Biggest Loser where I would cry my eyes out (every single time) and he would laugh at me. Sometimes the red couch makes a cameo in our pics.

See the red couch? Hehe
Study area at the back of the living room


Picture from owner

Nadri actually survived 2 years in Melbourne with my cooking ok!! *flips hair*. This is a big deal because I don't cook. I blame my mom. She doesn't like us making a mess in the kitchen. After we got married, my extended family requested for me to cook. So I did. I made asam pedas ikan pari and 2 other dishes I forgot. I started cooking at 6pm. Everyone ended up having dinner at 10.30 pm. Cooked for 4 hours plus but the dishes were mediocre only. I was worried about having to cook for him in Aussie. But It's true what they say, when you live abroad, you WILL figure out how to cook.

My signature lamb cutlets. Takes less than an hour to prepare.
But gone within minutes. It's THAT good *blows nails*
Sometimes he would cook for me :')


Picture from owner

Check out that minuscule wardrobe next to the bathroom! Can't even fit my jeans geez. The owner must be a dude. The bedroom as you can see is quite small, the double bed takes most of the space already.

Him playing CS on the bed (lecture notes used as mouse pad -_____-)

While I study *nerd*

I love the bathroom! Really awesome lighting and the huge mirror is a plus. Perfect place to camwhore hahaha.

With my sisters


Picture from owner

I still remember how my heels were all lined up on each sides of the corridor from the entrance to the kitchen. Puts a smile on my face every time I come home.


So colourful right?? If you go to Melbourne and you're strolling on Swanston Street, you won't miss it. It's unit 528 Swanston Street. Just 5 minutes walk from Melbourne Uni and the city.

In front of the building

18th May 2008. 1st wedding anniversary ^.^

The elevator. OMG why is he so serabai? O.o

Picture from owner
The tram stop is right across the building. Convenient, but usually we prefer to walk. The weather over there is cool and fresh, unlike KL.

At the tram stop. The apartment is right behind

Waiting for the tram to go to uni for my graduation :')
The pictures of the apartment certainly brought back a lot of good memories. I miss those days where we were young and carefree and didn't have to worry about paying bills haha. We just had to get good grades. The best part was, we only had to take 4 subjects per semester (compared to 8 subjects when I was in UiTM, classes were 8.30-6pm everyday). We also had audio lectures for certain subjects which means that we could just listen to the lecture in our PJs on the bed instead of going to Uni. So imagine how much free time we had to just be silly, chill, enjoy each other's company, roam the city and have chocolate souffl├ęs at Max Brenner.. The perfect way to start a marriage, I'll never forget :)

Ok, must make a point to go back to Melbourne soon!


  1. Hye tia!I love love love reading ur blog!u must keep writing ok! ;)

    1. Hi Shiera! Thank u and I will try to write regularly: )

  2. Hey :)

    1) You're so so so so pretty! Adore you much! And thank you for sharing the beauty and health tips :*

    2) I love your body. You inspired me to lose weight! Thank you so much

    3) Can I cry now? Hehe

    *approve me!(instagram)!


    1. Hi Mya!

      Why do u wanna cryyy: (

      Thanks a lot for the kind words, ur such a sweetheart: ) It's really my pleasure to share those tips. Good luck on your weight loss journey k!

      Approved u on IG: )

  3. Hi Tia, I've been following ur blog since...yesterday.haha. But I've been addicted to it and couldn't stop myself from clicking next next and next. And when I read this post, girl I feel you. I used to study in Sydney two years ago. And I miss everything about it. But one time I had a trip to Melbourne during winter 2010 and I fell in love at the 1st sight with Melbourne. I love the city, the people, the tram, lord of the fries. Gosh. The point is, I love Melbourne more than I love Sydney. Anyway, keep writing girl. I enjoyed evry bit of it.

    1. Hey u! Always good to hear from a happy reader. Thanks :)

      Lord of the fries! I love them toooo. Aaa now ur making me think about Melbourne on a Monday morning. Not a good way to start the week haha.

      Crap, now I'm also thinking about the deep fried mars bars at Bondi in Sydney. Must go back to Aussie soon!