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Friday, December 7, 2012

December Madness

Let's see. 3 weekends left before we leave for holiday.

8/12 (sat)     : Class from 9am-6pm
                     Etty's solemnization ceremony at 10am, which looks like I can't attend.

9/12 (sun)    : Alayna's class 2-3pm
                      Etty's reception 12pm-4pm

15/12 (sat)   : Class from 9am-6pm

16/12 (sun)  : Alayna's class 2-3pm
                     Wani's birthday 4-6pm

22/12 (sat)  :  Nothing so far

23/12 (sun)  : Adi's wedding reception 12pm
                      Alayna's class 2-3 pm
                      Alayna's birthday party 4-6pm
                      Leave to KLIA by 8pm

I'm panicking because I haven't really sat down and think about my daily outfits for the 14 days of holiday (yes I actually list down what to wear on what day etc) so I don't know what I need to buy yet. And now it seems that I have very limited time to shop and pack. I only have weekday and weekend nights.

My weekdays are going to be mental as well because I pretty much took this week off, settling stuffs for Alayna's birthday and other important errands, which means I only have 10 days to work starting next Monday before we leave.

I'm so gonna pass out on the plane and sleep throughout the 14 hours flight.

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