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Monday, December 10, 2012

Biggest and Baddest of Them All

Last year I missed out on the Big Bad Wolf sale because I was heavily pregnant. This year, I finally popped my BBW cherry. Nadri took me last Friday night =D

We left Shah Alam at 10.30 pm and only got there at 11.30 pm due to the massive traffic heading towards the book fair. Nadri was already moody by then. He kept sighing and grunting. We parked outside and had to walk quite a bit. The moment we entered the hall, I was completely floored. I had never seen so many books in my entire life!

The crowd was crazy too. I was like, oh no, Nadri is so not gonna like this because he hates crowded places. But then I saw him holding a hard covered book, he looked at the price and his eyes went wide.

Him: Syg, so this book is RM EIGHT??!!

Me: Yup. Told you it's dirt cheap.

Him: Are you SURE?

Me: Duh.

Him: So, I can just take any book?

Me: Err... Yes..

I guess he was so astonished by the price, his question didn't even make sense. Of course you can take whatever book you want lol. His frown had completely disappeared. He was grinning from ear to ear.

I looked away for a second and when I turned back to him, he was already piling on the books. To think that he was the one who was reluctant to come in the first place and was a grumpy old man on the way here pfft. 

Totally ignoring me. The luggage is ours btw haha.

Our main goal was to buy books for Alayna but obviously Nadri got carried away. I had to drag him to the kids' section. We didn't have a lot of time because she might wake up and look for me so we just grabbed whatever that was in our path. 

By 1am, we had a luggage and a box full of books. We decided to make a move and proceeded to the checkout line. 

What. The. Fish.

It was so ridiculously long I almost wanted to bail and just go home. We queued for almost one and a half hours! I kept yawning every 5 seconds. We finally reached home at 3am. 

Wish we had brought a bigger luggage

Our loot after just 1.5 hours (excluding Alayna's). If we had stayed longer I probably would have to call for a lorry.

I love this book! It is a guide on how to answer children's mortifying questions like:

"What's a wanker?"

"Why were you and Daddy making funny noises last night?"


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