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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Planning a Birthday Party for a One Year Old

My little sunshine is turning one next month! Nadri's leaving all the planning for her party to me. In my mind I was already imagining a huge shabang complete with clowns, puppet shows, face painting and pony rides. My girlfriends who helped me brainstorm suggested nail arts and inflatable castle.

OK seriously guys, is this a party for Alayna or for us big babies?

Come to think of it there's no point having an elaborate party because she would not even know how to appreciate it yet and she will most probably fall asleep after just 2 hours into the party. So I need to plan something that involves the things that she loves.

Let's see. She loves:

1. Birds
Looking for birds

Her morning routine. Looking out the window for birds.

2. Bubbles

Trying to catch the bubbles in class. 

3. Books

Where Nadri takes her while I go shopping

4. Swimming

Out of the four, I think the perfect choice would be to have a pool party. She gets so excited when she's in the pool, even more so when other kids are around.

411 of the party:

Tentatively it will be on the 23/12/2012, her birthday. But, we might have to do it on the 22nd or the weekend before that because we're leaving for our holiday on the 23rd.

Probably a pool at a clubhouse.

Finger food, definitely. Mini sandwiches, mini burgers, mini lasagnas, chips and cheese dips, mini fruit tarts, dessert in jars, cakes, chocolate fountain.

Themes & Decorations
This is the hardest part.  But one thing's for sure, we're gonna have a photo booth!

So basically the agenda for the day would be:

Eat ---> Photo booth session --> Cake cutting --> Another photo booth session --> Into the pool! (babies with their daddies) while mommies and the rest of the ladies have another go at the photo booth.  hehe.

Any recommendations for vendors are welcomed. I haven't booked anyone yet. Still in the process of inquiring :)

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