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Monday, November 5, 2012

Just another weekend

Had a really good weekend. Started off my Saturday with yummy Nasi Lemak Pak Ayob, which was recommended by Erin. She has been going there for more than 10 years. It's at Pasar Seksyen 6 Shah Alam. How could I not know about Pak Ayob?? I used to live in Section 6 for about 15 years for god's sake.

Anyway, later that day I went to BSC to meet up with my girlfriends. Had a blast reminiscing about our audit days at PwC (traumatising haha) and Melbourne University days (incredibly awesome memories). I miss Melbourne :( The best two years of my life.

Coincidentally, we all wore Chanel 

When I dine at Alexis, there's just no way for me to eat healthily. I simply can't say no to these:

Duck confit (stolen from google)
The duck is crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. On a bed of rocket with slices of poached pears, drizzled with balsamic dressing. Perfection.

Pecan Pie (stolen from google)
Pie crust topped with toasted crunchy pecans and ooey gooey hot caramel with a scoop of ice cream. Fireworks, I tell you.

Sunday was the usual routine. We'd take Alayna to her class, then the three of us would have a nice late lunch together. It's my favourite part of the weekend :)

Since Alayna is 10 months already, she could join the Level 3 class, which is for babies aged 10-16 months. It was like seeing her go up a grade in school. We couldn't help but feel pretty emotional about it. Syg, we really need to get a grip of ourselves. Our daughter must not think of us as a bunch of cry babies lol.

Previously she was the biggest in class. The other kids were not doing anything that she couldn't. But in this class, she was the smallest. Kids around her were walking and some were running or standing on their knees while she could only stand up while being supported. So Alayna did a lot of observing that day. I guess she was trying to figure out what her classmates were doing and how to do it.

Then we had lunch at Ben's.

Cheeky girl didn't want to let go of the menu -_-

Chargrilled seafood spaghettini (stolen from google). Soooo gooooood.

Mango & longan trifle. I liked it, he didn't 

Proud mommy. My lil girl's all grown up :')
Yes I steal food pictures from google because usually I get so excited when my food arrives that I straightaway dig in and finish them off. Don't judge.


  1. Alayna is sooo adorable.. =) You're a lucky mommy

    1. Thank u, I feel honoured to be her mommy :')

  2. What class did you send Alayna to? Just curious coz I never knew of such a thing as class for babies. O_O

    1. Hi babe! I signed her up for gymboree classes hehe. It's more of a constructive play class. It's really fun =D

  3. Alaynaaaaaaaa! Muah. Meh auntie kiss sikit. U look sooooo pretty. Jgn bg mommy menu tu, bg auntie k! ;)

    Tia, it's 19 years. Not 10 years. Lamaaaaaa dah kan Pak Ayob's nasi lemak tu? *hugs* ok nak continue baca ur other posts.

    1. Hi Aunty Erin! *tarik rambut, cubit muka*

      NINETEEN? :O Ruginya kita Erinnnn. All this while Pak Ayob is just a few minutes away.. Gonna make up for lost times now. Wajib makan at least seminggu sekali.