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Friday, November 16, 2012

Date night @ La Risata

One of the things that Nadri and I have in common is that we LOVE to try out new places to eat. That is a major plus for me in a guy because I gotta be with someone who loves food as much as I do (and do not get turned off when I eat a huge ass burger with my hands and get sauce on my nose).

A few days ago we decided to give La Risata a shot. We've heard so many good things about that place, which is said to serve really authentic Italian cuisine. As at to date, my favourite Italian place is Vincenzo (to die for escargot).

I am not a food blogger (although I foresee that I will post a lot on the different restaurants that I go to) so do not expect detailed opinions about the food, decor, ambience etc. I will merely post pictures and say whether it's nice or not to me hehe.

First up, appetiser.

Insalata Dea (Goddess salad)
I was sold after the word goddess. Smart move La Risata. I'm sure a lot of women fall for that. The salad itself is really good. No, I am not biased lol. Green leaf salad with grilled chicken, olives (yucks), roasted red peppers, celery, creamy herb dressing and croutons. Polished this off in 5 minutes.

Spaghetti All' Albese
Spaghetti with white truffle oil and creamy parmesan cheese sauce. Truffle and parmesan sauce? You just can't go wrong with that. I loved this! It comes plain but I requested for chicken to be added. The sauce is VERY rich. As yummy as this is, I doubt anyone can finish it.

Pizza Carnivoro
Bresaola, smoked beef salami, cured beef ham, smoked turkey breast, tomato, mozzarella.  Just look at all those gorgeous meat!! This will be a staple whenever I dine here. I had pineapples added because to me it's not pizza if there are no pineapples.          

Panna Cotta
Cream Pudding with strawberry sauce. I love panna cottas. It's really hard to find nice ones though. There has been a lot of hits and misses. This one is definitely a hit.

Tia & Nadri
We thoroughly enjoyed the food and will definitely be back to try out other items in the menu, especially the lamb shank. A guy at the next table ordered that and I just couldn't stop staring and sniffing. I hope he didn't think that I was flirting with him or something.

What I wore:

Taken from my Instagram
Top: Lipsy (UK brand)
Skirt: Portmans (Aussie brand)
Socks: I forgot
Shoes: Aldo
Bag: Chanel jumbo caviar - black w/ silver HW

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