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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


OHMYGOD I have so many things on my plate right now I don't even have time to pee. I wish I have 3 pairs of hands and legs or that there are more hours in the day. Tomorrow I gotta be on the road by 7.30 am because one of my big clients whom I only see once a year because he is perpetually busy called me just now to tell me he's only free at 8.30 am tomorrow before flying off god-knows-where for god-knows-how-long.

I have been working my ass off throughout November (and by that I mean I try to see clients everyday. Usually I only work 3 days a week lol). I'm planning to use my pay from this month to shop for a new bag during our trip this December. Mainly it's because I know that the bag is something that I want, not need, so it's unfair to use savings or get Nadri to pay a portion of it. I told myself that if I make enough money then I'll get it. If I don't, I'll just get something cheaper. No biggie. But then it's amazing how motivated I can be when I put Chanel on my mind. It's like my body was on auto-pilot calling clients haha.

Anyway, I really should go to bed now since I gotta wake up super early tomorrow. I'm taking Thursday and Friday off so it's gonna be a 4 day weekend for me yay! I have so many posts on draft, including the anticipated hair post. Looking at the amount of reminders that I've been getting about it, I feel so pressured u guys! My hair care is relatively simple you might be disappointed -___- Although I do have some tips on how to restore beyond damaged hair without spending hundreds or even thousands at the hair salon and how to make curls that lasts for days without using hairspray.

Have a good week guys!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Planning a Birthday Party for a One Year Old

My little sunshine is turning one next month! Nadri's leaving all the planning for her party to me. In my mind I was already imagining a huge shabang complete with clowns, puppet shows, face painting and pony rides. My girlfriends who helped me brainstorm suggested nail arts and inflatable castle.

OK seriously guys, is this a party for Alayna or for us big babies?

Come to think of it there's no point having an elaborate party because she would not even know how to appreciate it yet and she will most probably fall asleep after just 2 hours into the party. So I need to plan something that involves the things that she loves.

Let's see. She loves:

1. Birds
Looking for birds

Her morning routine. Looking out the window for birds.

2. Bubbles

Trying to catch the bubbles in class. 

3. Books

Where Nadri takes her while I go shopping

4. Swimming

Out of the four, I think the perfect choice would be to have a pool party. She gets so excited when she's in the pool, even more so when other kids are around.

411 of the party:

Tentatively it will be on the 23/12/2012, her birthday. But, we might have to do it on the 22nd or the weekend before that because we're leaving for our holiday on the 23rd.

Probably a pool at a clubhouse.

Finger food, definitely. Mini sandwiches, mini burgers, mini lasagnas, chips and cheese dips, mini fruit tarts, dessert in jars, cakes, chocolate fountain.

Themes & Decorations
This is the hardest part.  But one thing's for sure, we're gonna have a photo booth!

So basically the agenda for the day would be:

Eat ---> Photo booth session --> Cake cutting --> Another photo booth session --> Into the pool! (babies with their daddies) while mommies and the rest of the ladies have another go at the photo booth.  hehe.

Any recommendations for vendors are welcomed. I haven't booked anyone yet. Still in the process of inquiring :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sure or Not?

"I want to lose weight but I can't give up food and I hate exercising. Please advice."

My darlings, then you will NEVER lose weight. 

I really wanna help you girls and I would be more than happy to share tips and give moral support but if you won't help yourself, no one can. 

The first and the most important question that you need to ask yourself is:


People have all kinds of wants and needs. Be it losing weight or getting rich or learn to speak French but it all boils down to the thing that YOU WANT THE MOST. Because if you don't truly want something with all your heart, you will not do everything in your power to achieve it. 

For example, I was crazy over this one Chanel bag. When I reached NYC, I called and went to every single boutique, every single day for the 2 weeks that I was there and I managed to get the LAST piece in the whole of USA on the night before I came home. I could have spent all those times sightseeing, dining, resting etc but no, I chose to chase the bag of my dreams. I didn't give up even until the very last day.

I had another friend who also loved that bag. She travelled to Europe the same time I was in NYC. She went to only one Chanel boutique, was told it was sold out and she got herself 3 pairs of Louboutins instead.

Both of us loved the same thing but clearly I loved it more and went out of my way to get it. My friend could have done the same thing and she would have found the bag if she did but since getting the bag was not THAT important to her, she decided that it wasn't worth all the trouble. Can you see what I'm trying to say?

Now back to my weight loss story. God knows how much I love food. I wish I could eat everything anywhere anytime. But, without the slightest doubt, I wanted to lose weight MORE.

The sheer determination gave me the strength to stick to my daily diet plan. Believe me, it wasn't easy giving up all the char kuey tiaw, carbonara, fajitas, nasi lemak, coke and do not get me started on desserts. It was pure torture.

To help me stay focused, I printed pictures of individuals whose bodies I admire. Like these ladies:

Adriana Lima, my ultimate woman.

Candice Swanepoel, whose waist to hip ratio is cray cray!

And of course, the legendary Victoria Beckham

I stared at these women every single day. If that wasn't enough, I would watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show over and over again. Seeing beautiful women with perfect bodies in underwear WILL make you put down your triple cheeseburger  and start running on the treadmill.

And believe me, these women work hard for their bodies (except for VB, she only diets because apparently she doesn't exercise).

Adriana Lima after intense work out session

Adriana's bruised knuckles from kickboxing

There's a youtube video which shows Candice's work out routine. When I saw her jump rope my jaw dropped on the floor. She is so fast you can't even see the rope. See? There they are in the gym breaking up a sweat and leading a healthy eating lifestyle while the rest of us lie on the sofa eating a tub of ice cream, watching Masterchef. So don't hate them for having perfect bodies. They completely deserve it.

Ask yourself, do you REALLY want to lose weight? If you do, you need to be prepared to forego some food and/or start exercising. Remember, losing weight is not easy. If it is, then no one would be obese. It takes determination, commitment and perseverance. So if you are serious about wanting to change the way you look, you have to stop making excuses, take action now and don't stop until you get there. Good luck everyone :)


P.S: I know I haven't had the chance to reply all emails. I've been really busy. Please bear with me ok? :)

P.P.S: I lost weight from restricting my food intake only. I didn't need to exercise because I was and still am nursing Alayna. That burns about 500 calories a day which is equivalent to running on the treadmill for a few hours. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Date night @ La Risata

One of the things that Nadri and I have in common is that we LOVE to try out new places to eat. That is a major plus for me in a guy because I gotta be with someone who loves food as much as I do (and do not get turned off when I eat a huge ass burger with my hands and get sauce on my nose).

A few days ago we decided to give La Risata a shot. We've heard so many good things about that place, which is said to serve really authentic Italian cuisine. As at to date, my favourite Italian place is Vincenzo (to die for escargot).

I am not a food blogger (although I foresee that I will post a lot on the different restaurants that I go to) so do not expect detailed opinions about the food, decor, ambience etc. I will merely post pictures and say whether it's nice or not to me hehe.

First up, appetiser.

Insalata Dea (Goddess salad)
I was sold after the word goddess. Smart move La Risata. I'm sure a lot of women fall for that. The salad itself is really good. No, I am not biased lol. Green leaf salad with grilled chicken, olives (yucks), roasted red peppers, celery, creamy herb dressing and croutons. Polished this off in 5 minutes.

Spaghetti All' Albese
Spaghetti with white truffle oil and creamy parmesan cheese sauce. Truffle and parmesan sauce? You just can't go wrong with that. I loved this! It comes plain but I requested for chicken to be added. The sauce is VERY rich. As yummy as this is, I doubt anyone can finish it.

Pizza Carnivoro
Bresaola, smoked beef salami, cured beef ham, smoked turkey breast, tomato, mozzarella.  Just look at all those gorgeous meat!! This will be a staple whenever I dine here. I had pineapples added because to me it's not pizza if there are no pineapples.          

Panna Cotta
Cream Pudding with strawberry sauce. I love panna cottas. It's really hard to find nice ones though. There has been a lot of hits and misses. This one is definitely a hit.

Tia & Nadri
We thoroughly enjoyed the food and will definitely be back to try out other items in the menu, especially the lamb shank. A guy at the next table ordered that and I just couldn't stop staring and sniffing. I hope he didn't think that I was flirting with him or something.

What I wore:

Taken from my Instagram
Top: Lipsy (UK brand)
Skirt: Portmans (Aussie brand)
Socks: I forgot
Shoes: Aldo
Bag: Chanel jumbo caviar - black w/ silver HW

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Girl Who Cried Hair

So last week, I told my friends that I was going to chop off my hair. No one believed me. I don't blame them. For the past few year I would once in a while announce that I was bored with my hair and I was finally going to have it cut short.

I chickened out every. Single. Time.

For example, I went to the hair salon earlier this year and confidently said that I wanted to cut my hair. All of the hairstylists were busy so I had to wait for a bit. While waiting, I looked at myself in the mirror, looked at my photos in my albums, took photos of myself (above picture) and I thought "What the hell am I doing? My hair is perfectly fine the way it is. Get out NOW!"

So I made a lame excuse about my baby crying and quickly walked out.

There were numerous other similar incidences which explain why no one really gives a crap whenever I say I'm chopping off my hair. I'm like the boy who cried wolf.

Last week, I had the urge again. I was so convinced that it was finally time. I've done everything possible to my super long hair for the past 8 years. I've coloured my hair blonde, brown, orange (DIY gone wrong), purple, maroon, red, blue, jet black (current hair colour). I've also had side swept bangs and full bangs. I have curled my hair in every possible way; tight, loose, big, small. There was nothing left to do.

When I told my girlfriends, most of them were like;

"I bet you will end up with a quarter of an inch trim only"

"Tia won't do it, trust me!"

"Haven't we had this conversation many times before?"

"I'll show them!", I thought. So I headed to the hair salon on Saturday, determined to follow through with the plan. I even had a long and emotional goodbye session with my hair at home and on the way in the car.

When I got there, I sat down and started flipping the hair magazines. All the short hairstyles looked amazing. I was giddy with excitement. I couldn't believe that I waited so long to do this. I felt great and I was smiling from ear to ear.

And then I saw the scissors. 

My hairstylist was making his way towards me holding a pair of big, fat, mean-looking scissors. I could feel my smile faltering, and it slowly turned upside down into a frown. My eyes started to well up with tears, my heart was racing and apparently my legs also came to life because the next thing I knew I was running, yes running, out of the salon.

Major fail.

I don't know how to explain it. I just have this strong attachment towards my hair. People always say it's just hair, it will grow back. But not to me. My waist length hair is a part of me, of who I am.

So yeah, my hair has been pretty boring for the past 8 years. One of the most major changes that I had was having full bangs a few years back. Even that took days to decide, and a number of trips to the hair salon before I finally went for it.

Philip Island with my sisters

Another major change was last year when I went to the hair salon to touch up my hair colour but Kak Seb (my boss) somehow managed to convince me to cut my hair. I cried the whole time. It turned out to be shorter than I expected :(

After crying face
Don't worry that's virgin margarita ^.^
Pendek gilaaaa :( I was in denial for a few months

Ok fine. In the last 2 pictures I was donning a wig that I got in Sydney haha. There's just no way in hell I would cut my hair that short. Not on my own free will at least.

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Neglected Chanel

I read somewhere that if a bag is stored in its box for a long period of time, especially in humid countries, there's a high probability that the bag would grow MOLD.

My heart stopped when I read that, because it reminds me of this particular bag that I bought exactly one year ago, on 8th November 2011, which has not seen the daylight. Ever. It has been properly kept in layers of tissue papers in the dust bag and in the box, sitting on my bag shelf. After I got it, I only took it out once to admire it, then I wrapped it back exactly the way the SA did it and that was it.

Last weekend when I went to Alexis with Zia Wen and Joyce, I told them about this and Zia Wen said it happened to her mom's patent Dior bag. It didn't grow mold but the color changed from beige to green OMG!! :O :O :O

The next day, I just HAD to take a peek of my bag to see if it was alright. In doing so, I decided to take pictures. You see, there's no other experience like unboxing a Chanel bag. I've bought Balenciaga, Gucci, Prada, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs but they were all just stuffed in the dust bag, some without a box even. But Chanel really knows how to package their goods.

Before we proceed with the pictures, there's a little story behind this bag.

It all started that one night in November. Nadri and I went to KLCC to have dinner. I was 9 months pregnant then. I wanted to get a bag for myself so I told him that I wanted to stop by at Balenciaga. I didn't even consider Chanel because I knew that that would mean trouble. The devil WILL be unleashed and I would not be able to control myself. So there we were in Balenciaga and I was happy enough looking at the colours for the season. Then he said let's walk around. We walked until we reached Chanel and he dragged me in, JUST to look he said.

I should have said no. I should have resisted. But this is Chanel. If you know me personally, you'd know that I am obsessed with it. So it was really beyond my power. The devil inside started whispering evil things in my head. Crap.

I tried not to look. But that only lasted for 2 seconds. The next thing I knew I was trying on 7 different bags. Usually Nadri would look bored and start playing with his phone but that night he suddenly showed interest and even said that this particular bag (the one that I ended up buying) was gorgeous.

I knew that I was in a deep trouble. I wanted needed the bag.

As much as I wanted to, I didn't get the bag that night. One thing for sure, I always tell myself that I would never EVER buy a Chanel is Malaysia. It's just too expensive. You can get it for a few thousands cheaper in Europe. So I went home, and started calling Chanel in Paris, Italy and London. They were sold out in this color EXCEPT for ONE Chanel boutique in London. They had the last piece. I quickly put it on reserve. Then I started asking around to see if anyone I know was in London and could get it for me. It was on my bbm status, Facebook and also Twitter.

The only person I could find was a friend's friend who was there for a business trip. I begged my friend to beg his friend to help me out. After what seemed like hundreds of texts and long distance phone calls, the friend's friend agreed BUT:

  1. He would check in my bag
  2. I would need to pick it up myself at KLIA
#2 was fine but to check in the bag? Hell nooooo. Whenever I buy Chanel overseas, I always carry it as a hand luggage. ALWAYS. No way was I going to risk it getting damaged or god forbid, stolen or sent to a different country. I begged my friend to beg his friend again about carrying MY bag as hand luggage and check in HIS stuff instead. Unfortunately, that guy refused. I wasn't surprised. He didn't even know me haha.

Anyway, I was so sad I cried. Yes, I cry over bags (You should listen to the story about how I chased this Chanel when I was in NYC but that's for another day). It hurts to know that the bag was just sitting there in the London boutique, reserved for ME, waiting for ME, but no one to get it and bring it home safely for me. Either I risk it by letting the guy check it in, or I buy it in KL. But I just couldn't. It's too darn expensive here. I went to sleep with a hole in my heart.

A few days after that I felt better. I was at peace about the whole situation. I guess it was just not meant to be. But then, my friend Joyce (also a Chanel freak) called. She bought the bag in KLCC!! I almost fainted. I told her about the bag on the night I went into Chanel with Nadri. She wanted to get the same bag but in another colour. But when she went to the store, she saw the one I wanted and said that it was so gorgeous that she changed her mind. The SA told her that there were only 2 pieces left out of the 3 pieces that was allocated to Chanel Malaysia. My friend got one and reserved the last piece for me. It was like she could read my mind because the moment she told me that, I was already halfway out the door, heading to KLCC. 

Everything happened so fast. My principle of "Never Buy a Chanel in KL" went down the drain. I totally lost control of myself. I made a silent vow that I was never going to buy a bag for the next 2 years at least (broke that vow 3 months after that -____- ).

You'd think that after all the trouble and drama, I would be wearing the bag day and night and sleep with it. But nope, haven't worn it even once. I guess it was because I was too busy preparing for Alayna's delivery and then I was confined for almost 2 months and when I started going out again, I found myself reaching for my Balenciagas every single time. They are so easy and carefree and I could just stuff everything in it. 

Ok enough with the talking. Now on to the pictures!

Just looking at this makes my heart flutter

Flip the box open

Wrapped in black tissue paper

Comes with 2 booklets which contain:

A 'certificate' to show date of purchase 

Authenticity card

A walk through on how the bag was made, with lots of pics. Love this!

Finally, the bag in its dust bag. This is the old version. I requested for it.

The new dust bag. I prefer the old one, easier to get in and out of.

Layers of tissue papers to cushion your bag.

Let's see what's inside, shall we?

But before that, more tissue papers. Like I said, Chanel REALLY knows how to wrap.
This is it... I was so scared if I was going to find mold :(

But I didn't!! It's perfect!!

This is the pale gold 2.55 from the 11A collection. Looks more silver upfront. Love at first sight :')

Classic flap vs 2.55

The left side is the classic flap which is more popular than the 2.55. I actually prefer the 2.55 because there's just so much history behind the bag, It's the original design by Coco Chanel but when Karl Lagerfeld took over he came up with the classic flap. He then reintroduced the 2.55 in 2005. The 2.55 is lighter, edgier, and has a vintage look that I absolutely loveeee.

I promise I will start using it soon. I'll probably bring it on our trip this December. It's the perfect bag for winter =)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012