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Monday, October 1, 2012

Rumour Has It

Last week my friend Syaz told me something that her ex-boyfriend said about me. Usually I don't really care about what people say and I've heard a lot but this one is just so incredibly outrageous and disgusting that I feel compelled to set things straight.

Her ex-boyfriend (who was her boyfriend then) was talking with his friends (all UiTM students at the time) when suddenly they started talking about me. He asked his friends "So Tia macam mana?" Syaz asked him which Tia to which he replied Tia Hakim. Syaz told him that she knew me (we were not close then but we did stay in touch through Facebook/twitter etc).  Then the guy told her that he and I hung out once in a while because I was dating his friend. And worst of all apparently I was, oh my god I feel too embarrassed to even type this, sexually active with his friend and I got pregnant.


There is no way in hell all those things being said about me are true.

I don't even know Syaz's ex-boyfriend, let alone hang out with him & have drinks together like what he claimed. I saw him with Syaz once when they were still dating but I had no idea who he was or his name. So obviously he was lying about knowing me personally. Pathetic loser I am so glad you dumped him babe.

Supposedly I was dating the guy during my UiTM years. Tak logic langsung. For 2.5 years I was in the fast track accounting programme in UiTM. Our classes were 8-5 every single day and I was a total NERD. Seriously. The kind who would sit right in front in class and cry when I get an A- while my friends looked at me and shook their heads. I didn't even mingle much with accounting students from other classes. Other faculties lagi la tak kenal. If I wasn't buried under books and homework I would be busy with AFTAS stuff since I was a committee member. During lunch break Diy and I would go back to my house (which is only 5 minutes away) to take a short nap. I was with her all the time. After class I would go home straight & then I usually would go out with Nadri, my ACTUAL boyfriend. Now when, where or how could I have squeezed in the 'other boyfriend'?

I tried to dismiss this but I can't. Especially when it concerns a delicate and sensitive subject like this. I don't blame Syaz's ex because he was just the messenger. The real pathetic loser is his friend, who claimed that I was going out with him. I bet he must have felt so manly talking about all those bullshit about me. I hope his friends and also anybody who heard and believed the stories, would stumble upon this and know that he made it all up. 

I am bursting with profane and vulgar things to write about that scumbag but I shall refrain myself from doing so. My intention is to just clear my name and my family's name.  My parents are good people who don't deserve people talking about their daughter like this. Ditto for my husband. 

So basically my whole life, i have only dated 2 guys.  The first one was a guy from Subang whom I met in MRSM and it only lasted for a few months. Then I met Nadri when I was 16 whom I ended up marrying when I was 20. Yup, I'm boring like that and proud of it. 


  1. Tia, who was your MRSM bf?

  2. I think I knew. It's good that you are blogging again. You have the persona, keep it up. Blogosphere has gone a little cruel these days, if you happen to receive negative and nasty comments, do not give up.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and encouragements :) I grew up with a hypocritical mom (whom I love dearly hehe) so its not easy to get under my skin ^.^