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Friday, September 21, 2012

Pilih kasih

Shopping for your child is much more detrimental to your bank account compared to shopping for yourself because your husband jumps on the bandwagon as well. Here's how the scenario is usually like when Nadri & I are at the mall.

Me: *gasp* Syg, will you just LOOK at these shoes???!!!

Him: Mmm hmm (not even bothering to move his eyes away from his iPhone)

Me: *takes his phone away* Omg I think its the most beautiful pair of shoes that I've ever seen.

Him: Don't you already have green ones?

Me: Those are not green. They're TEAL. There's a huge difference.  Don't you know anything?

Him: *rolls eyes*

Me: Excuse me miss, may I try these in 7?

Him: *walks away*

Me: No time for that. I'll take them.

Then the whole way home he'd give me a lecture about god-knows-what because all I could think about are those pair of heels sitting prettily at the back.

                   *                      *                      *                     *                      *                    *

Now here's how it's like when we're shopping for Alayna's stuffs (which happened earlier today):

Me: Check out those baby shoes! Aren't they the cutest???

Him: Where? Omg she's gonna look so adorable wearing them *drags me into the store*

Me: They come in pink and gold. Hmm which colour would go more with her wardrobe?

Him: Get them both.

Me: Okay! *heads to the register*

Him: Wait, lets get some dresses to go with the shoes.

Then on the way home I'd give him a lecture about how he is so berat sebelah while at the same time super excited to make Alayna try on the new stuffs.

Is it normal to be jealous of your own daughter?

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