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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oh The Irony

So in my last post dated July 18th 2010,  I said I hope my next entry won't be 2 years later. Well what do you know. It IS 2 years later *facepalm* 

Can't blame me though. A LOT has happened since 2010 that it was just impossible for me to write regularly. However, from now on I am going to try my level best to blog at least once a week  every 2 weeks. 

It's 3 am now so I'm just gonna quickly list down the major events that took place since my last entry:

  • I am now a financial consultant. I LOVE my job. Wish I had left audit wayyyy sooner. 
  • Went to Cape Town & Johannesburg in 2011. 
  • I got my dream car!!!!!!!!! (Ok not really, my ultimate dream car would be an Aston Martin but what I got is awesome enough for me hehe)
  • And the biggest shocker of them all........


YES. We are parents now. Tia & Nadri, the clowns, had a freaking baby!! I actually gave birth to another human being. I went through the whole 9 months shabang: peeing on a stick - nausea - food cravings - gigantic swollen legs - crying because I couldn't fit into my clothes - walked like penguin, u get the picture.  

Babies usually don't like me but this one, this one just adores us :') She actually cries when we leave her and reaches out her hands whenever she sees us. Such a little manipulator, she knows how to melt our hearts. She's really our little miracle and I can't wait to write about her so that one day she can see how much we love her. Alayna Hakim, if you're reading this, I just want you to know that while mommy was writing this, you were sleeping right next to me with your mouth open, saliva drooling and legs apart. Yup you're so lady like. 

I'm gonna kiss her goodnight and then hit the sack. 


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