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Friday, June 27, 2008

A Minor Logizomechanophobia Maybe?

So a few months ago, I thought I'd start blogging mainly because I miss those days where I'd spend around 2 hours every other day to write in my diary. I used to be very diligent about it. I think i stopped because I kinda knew that my mom and sisters were reading it (cause my mom and I read my sisters' lol). Yeah my family is like that but I don't mind I think it's funny. And it's not like I wrote about things that would make her go through the roof or anything.

Anyway, my attempt failed because of one reason:

I HATE using laptops/computers.

Ok maybe I should rephrase that. I hate using laptops/computers for stuffs that I'm not familiar with or require a certain level of skills. Examples;

1. Accounting softwares, Microsoft Office softwares other than words, and the likes.

2. Facebook.

God i hated it when I had to use MYOB (an accounting software) for one of my diploma subjects. It was so frickin confusing. I never actually knew what i was doing because I simply memorised what I needed to know. Ditto for Excel. Last semester some of my Quantitative Methods 2 tutorials required extensive calculations that would only take 5 seconds with Excel but I did most of them manually, and spent at least an hour.

When I first arrived in Melbourne, i found out that the locals have no idea what friendster is. Facebook was all the rage. So I jumped on the bandwagon but fell off completely after like 2 weeks. It was just too complicated! What's the difference between the wall, superwall and funwall? What are groupies? Why do I have a few? And not to mention being bombarded with application invitations. Gila annoying. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way on that. I added a few applications and then later found out I had no idea of it's purpose or how to use it etc. Nadri added some random applications as well because he likes to think that he co-owns all of my accounts. So after a while, I got bored of trying to figure them all out thus I Facebook was abandoned. I log on only once every 2 months, tops. (I'm sorry to all those people who added me, I promise if I ever decide to activate my facebook, I'll approve asap)

My point is, I only use computers when it's straightforward like checking emails, ogling handbags and shoes, youtube-ing, Friendster-ing etc.

I found blogger to be not so straightforward. Which explains why I only have one bloody entry since i joined 5 months ago. I have no idea what html/feed is or how to do banners etc. I know that I can just not worry about all those things but I don't want a bland-looking blog! So now, since I'm on a one month winter break, I've decided that I want to figure this thing out and start blogging regularly.

*fingers crossed*

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