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Friday, February 1, 2008

living outside the box

We finally moved. I was quite worried we couldn't get a new place in time before we have to vacate D1. I tell you, finding a decent apartment for 2 in this part of Melbourne is a pain in the ass. Well, the fact that we're both choosy doesn't help either. But since time was running out, we decided to accept the first approved application. Luckily, it was this apartment on Swanston. The one I wanted. It has a bedroom, a decent kitchen and a living space with a study area. I just wish that it has a balcony. Still, at $1400 per month and only a few minutes walk to uni and the city, I'd say its a steal. Besides I couldnt wait to get out of D1. A friend said, and i quote "macam duduk dalam kotak". We didn't even have enough space to store our luggage (ok, MY luggage) so we just left them lying around in the middle of the room, which practically covered the whole damn floor. It was driving me up the wall. So yeah, im lovin this new place. We haven't finished unpacking yet so it's a bit cluttered. Plus we need another wardrobe. The one in the room cant even fit half of my clothes. The landlord must be a guy.

Alrighty, Im gonna watch Breakfast at Tiffanys and then call it a day. Will post up pictures soon.

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